R Programming Tutorial – 4 – Variables

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John Bevan says:

I love to eat bacon and x for breakfast

Erick Miller says:

Dude, these tutorials are amazing, keep it up

D. Refaeli says:

Bucky – I have to know – what is that cool speedometer gadget thingy you have on your upper right side of the screen!?!?!? it’s killing me!!!! 🙂

Nikola Lisjak says:

Go Bucky!!

George Rickard says:

These tutorials are very meat based.
I like it

Resz7 says:

Thanks for these. Just started learning R. Looking forward to the rest.

Jared Dunn says:

In what environment exactly do you use this language?
Like, who would chose this instead of Java or C++ ?!
It seems like a programming language for kids, this…

Mateus Figueiredo says:

Is there a way to remove all variables at once?

Ravi Prakash says:

maximize the window….. Full Screen plzz….

Google User says:

why u don’t maximize the window is beyond me…. gurrrrr >.< anyways these are very helpful, thanks!

Christopher Carroll says:

Not sure if anyone else has brought this to your attention, but the rm() function can accept many parameters (or many variables). For example…

x = 10
y = 1000
z = “Oooohhh Francis!”

So for those of us writing a TON of variables and data frames (guilty!), this should speed up the process of cleaning up your environment.

Awesome video!

Murali G says:

Whats the forum name?

Sujan Sareen says:

> y = bacon
Error: object ‘bacon’ not found
> I love to eat y.
Error: unexpected symbol in “I love”

That statement don’t work.

They Pheaktra says:

It’s simple but useful tutorial.

greatsea says:

you basically need a separate monitor open in fullscreen to follow these videos without having to constantly maximize and minimize in order to test the code.  if you don’t have a separate monitor it really sucks trying to follow along with RStudio opened on the side

Eduardo Cavero says:

Are there videos where you explain Bitcoin?

Nikola Lisjak says:


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