R Programming Tutorial – 6 – Working with Dates

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Diego Alvarez Echeverria says:

One question. What if I want to work with weeks instead of the precise day? Is it there a way of telling R that?
For example: I want to introduce the year 2018 and the current week of the year, that would be: 2018-42
So from your tutorial I get that R will understand if I write = today <- as.Date("2018-42"). It´s that fine? or there is another way?

mosgba says:

“Bucky Roberts” is 12 characters

where is the extra one coming from ? i tried that with another string it seems to add one character every time. is it counting space as well ?

Hey says:

Very helpful tutorials and slow paced which is perfect for beginners.

Thank you!

P.S. Why you use spaces all the time?

dan dudas says:

sorry, I´ve just tried the as.Date funktion but it doesn´t work at all. I put above tuna<-as.Date("2017-06-13") + class("tuna") and I obtain the same in the console.

Tucker Shelton says:

Finally… freaking awesome… been hunting for weeks. Thank you.

فهد العتيبي says:

hi i have an important question, which programming languages do you suggest us to learn. i am computer science student.

nimmagadda manoj chowdary says:

Error in as.date(“2001-02-10”) : could not find function “as.date” it shows this error always


I downloaded it but it keeps on showing object not found

Cam cole says:

why isn’t ham numeric if you assigned it a number ?

Maitreyee Joshi says:

I love how you always take the example of tuna and ham 😛 Also, you do not sound like Bucky :/

Ikram sghaier says:

i have a problem in converting mu data frame (DF) to ts in purpose to do some time course cruves :/ any one have ideas ??!!! thanks for the tutorial

Brendan Sullivan says:

R Programming Tutorial – 6 – Working with Dates

Anukool Srivastava says:

expected mote on date class!

Tomas Hujo says:

ehm.. could be a bit more comprehensive then this….

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