R Programming Tutorial Lesson 1: Downloading and Installing

Information on how to download and install R and Rstudio, as well as some basics about the Rstudio interface.


Sanguanboon says:

Thank you so much!!!

Vernon Hedge says:

Great tutorial series so far, Gordon (I am on No.3), thank you.
At ~7’33” to 7’40” you talk briefly about having your “Default working directory…” as ~/Rdata -this is confusing me. Is this a file name you just made up under a “Save as” option at some point? Or is something you can select. I am trying to keep things as identical as possible to you as I follow your series. I don’t want to slip up on this.

Jennifer S says:

Thank you! Much appreciated 🙂

Prakash C Kesavan Kesavan says:

which sogtware u used to create this cbt

Mahendra Malviya says:

Thank you SIR

Basil Chikelue Okoye says:

Thanks for your tutorials. There are simply wonderfull.

tndoma says:

Really excellent series of tutorials on R! Thanks so much for creating this. I had been struggling with a way to come up to speed on this package and found that by going through your 10 videos I had an excellent introduction to R. I really hope you will create more training modules as your style and presentation makes it really easy and enjoyable to follow along. Nice job!!!

Tanis Belleau says:

Self-teaching myself to be a Data Analyst, and been told that if I was going to learn a program, R was the one to do it in. Your tutorials are being a massive help, thank you.

Filipp Solovev says:

Thank you for the tutorial. 
I have a question specific for os x : do I need to install x11and Xcode before?

Maria Nattestad says:

Thank you, that was the perfect first tutorial, you didn’t lose me at all!

Nasim Mahmud says:

If you are going to use RStudio all the time, then why did you spent all that effort on showing how to install R? 

Enrique C says:

Hey!!! thanks for the tutorial !! i have a question for everyone . I am the only one that doesn apear in the tooldbar the option of “Rstudio” ?? i just have “File, Edit, Code…. ” thanks for help 

Barry Mitchell says:

The second joke made me want to gouge my eyes out…

Jonathan Tarn says:

just what i needed. thanks!

Ting Sun says:

This is really helpful. Thanks a lot!

Shashvat Shukla says:

why should we use R-studio?

krishna adari says:

Thank you ..! Much appreciated 🙂

Rohit M says:

How do I see preferences in Windows? 

Amir Nematollahi says:

thank you , I am using your videos to learn R .

Joe Brew says:

By far the clearest and most well done intro R tutorials on the internet. Anybody starting R for the first time should consult these videos before looking at anything else. Thanks for sharing!

Clonal Machina says:

a life scientist thanks you

jo atjo says:

by far the best tutorial. Thanks.
You just made my life easier.

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