R Programming Tutorial

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In this one tutorial I will cover the basic syntax of the R programming language as well as provide numerous examples on plotting and statistical analysis. R is widely considered to be the best language for statistical analysis and data mining. R makes it extremely easy to perform numerous complex calculations with ease and its plotting system is second to none.

00:40 Installation
02:14 R Studio Setup
04:12 Fun Example
09:57 Assignment
10:22 Variables
10:37 Data Types
13:33 Arithmetic Operators
14:59 Vectors
20:17 Relational Operators
22:15 Logical Operators
23:00 If
24:04 Switch
25:34 Strings
29:45 Factors
32:15 Data Frames
36:00 Repeat
36:43 While
37:54 For
38:43 Matrices
43:03 Arrays
44:22 Functions
48:44 Anonymous Functions
49:29 Closures
51:30 Exception Handling
53:11 File I/O
58:29 Plotting
1:08:14 Math Functions
1:11:18 Random Numbers
1:12:18 Pie Charts
1:17:56 Bar Charts
1:20:12 Regression Analysis


No Name says:

Hey derek can you make a tut for this app called tic 80? It’s for mobile proggraming I think but there are no tutorials sadly

smriti satyanarayana says:

Hello Derek can you help me code the following? “Create a calendar in R and allow users to enter two dates in the calendar and display stats in between those 2 dates”

Aname says:

Smalltalk next?

Roni Stiawan says:

Thank you very much! I love this

Phillip R Jorgensen says:

Please beat chess 10 for a future video. My life is being consumed by this flipping game!

z says:

Do you plan to make an ASP .NET or ASP . NET Core tutorial as an extension to your recent C# and WPF tutorial?

Zsolt Barnabás Garda says:

Perfect timing! Huge thanks and even bigger respect, Derek! 🙂

Karn Patel says:

WHere was this last week when I needed it!

Shahid khan tichnical Engr says:
Rais Shaikh says:


Len Vo says:

Many thanks Guy! 😀

RandomSilly says:

I swear R is still a meme to me. Lmao

aleqsandre paqsashvili says:

You should do a video about CMD

Sedeanimugamez says:

Do you think you can do a c++ series video?I like c++ and want to get invested in it infact its great because,were using it for cs club and we have lessons,but ive been learning from you for 2 years now and feel like you do a stellar job of explaining things i have 5 notebooks dedicated to almost all of your programming tutorials,but i feel like it would be even better to dedicate a whole notebook to c++ rather than just the 1 hour video tutorial crammed in.Just a suggesting if you could do it that would be amazing.Thanks.

ALL CAPS says:

58:25 Twin Peaks? Dale Cooper? (;

colebq says:

Hey Derek, thanks for the great video.I’d be happy to see more about statistics, different regression models etc. Thanks again.

Jendri Morocho says:

Am i missing something or did you forget to include a link to the data set you are working with in this video?

The iNetwork says:

Thank you so much. You made my life more simple :). I am sharing your information with more people. Please visit link to know best programming channel based on Rank and Popularity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeEw2pelpso&t=68s

reyes j says:

Hey! These tutorials are great! Do you mind if I ask how you know so many languages and other concepts you’ve covered so well? It seems like an overwhelming amount of knowledge for one person, it’s very impressive! Are you self-taught?

Joey Young says:

Hey Derek, could you consider doing a video on the Guile scripting language?

Lolito Lindsey says:

Can I like this twice?

Sandy says:

The man is back finally !!! Derek how would you compare R, Rust, python and GO ? Which would have the best use case for unsupervised deep learning ?

mani gowtham says:

please make a video of sql injection

Valmir Memeti says:

Quite off-topic, but could you please do a Spring MVC tutorial video/series? The current videos on youtube about Spring MVC in general are quite outdated.

Ray Larone says:

OMG Derek Thank You!! You made this tutorial at exactly the right time for me 🙂 🙂

Abdessamad Chanaa says:

I was waiting for this course for very long time, because I am always confident no one can explain better than you do
Thanks sir, you are always the best (y)

greywolf424 says:

Pain in the ass you can not update R. Just has to uninstall 3.2.4 to install 3.4.2. Now I have to install all my packages again

matze 2.0 says:

perfect Tut in basic structure… well done !
do you want to create more specific vids for e.g. ggplot and so on…
so a data science course for R or Python as well ? I think there would be as much as preference in it. 🙂

Youssef Hesham says:

C in one video pls

Mike Nelson says:

Thank You so much well worth the wait

Mozart Mozart says:

Can you make an tutorial about spaced repetition algorithm implementation in java?

Shahid khan tichnical Engr says:

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