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In this video I’ve talked about the basics of creating dashboard in shiny. I’ve shown a sample application which is getting feed by the live data as it will help you understand the capability of shiny dashboards.


manas jauhari says:

Nice video and great illustration for beginners …
A small suggestion if you can have the link to next followup video in comments or in the video it would be really helpful…having difficulties finding the next part of this video

Hiren Kakkad says:

Hello, it its very nice video tutorial.

I am trying the same. But I am not getting server after running following codes as you are getting. It gives some html kind of code in console instead of opening in browser.

Thanks in advance

dashboardHeader(title = “CBEPL Dashboard”),
menuItem(“Menu Item 1”),
menuItem(“Menu Item 2”),
menuItem(“Menu Item 3”)


hi i tried loading the library(shinydashboard) and it says
Error in library(shinydashboard) :
there is no package called ‘shinydashboard’

Izabela Paulino says:

Hello! I would like to know how to insert an image to the dashboardHeader title. I tried to do it isnerting into the dashboard header this line: title = img(src=”logo.jpg”, height = 50, align = “right”), but it didn’t work. I don’t know if I’m missing something. Could you help me?

Csaba Ortutay says:

Thank you, this was great. I am looking forward for the next parts, especially where you add the dynamic graph to the board. Also, if you have time, it would be nice to see an example of an interactive board, where you can select e.g. one of the bubbles on the chart, and you could see extra data in a table beside.

mohit bansal says:

Very useful.Good job…Keep updating… 🙂

Akanksha Mehta says:

could you please tell me how to correct this error (the html page keep closing when i runApp())
Warning: Error in registerShinyDebugHook: attempt to set an attribute on NULL Stack trace

narendra PARA says:

sir nice vedio i have some doubt in shiny how can i contact you

Tayyab Salman says:

Thank you very much Sir!

Marija Marija says:

Very good, please make more tutorials for RShiny! Youtube has lack of them

Akshay Puri says:

Are we supposed to enter anything in the shinyserver(function…) code for input and output ??. When I try to run the code there are lines and lines of syntax that appear in my console but my chrome does not open.

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