R Tutorial #6 – Arrays and Matrices – Statistical Programming Language R

Part 6 of my R Tutorial – Arrays and Matrices.

R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. The R language has become a de facto standard among statisticians for the development of statistical software, and is widely used for statistical software development and data analysis. R is part of the GNU project.


___ says:

thx very much man

Naan Lsasa says:

Thanks a lot, really great to know we can solve matrices in R!

Raj Kannan says:

i am not able to save table using write.table or sink commands… it says permission denied

zxcvhjklbnm says:

at 6:12, what is the command used for matrix multiplication?

william yarberry says:

very clear. thanks

Gail La Grouw says:

a really great series. thank you. Even your small errors now and then are really valuable because I pick them up and it helps me realize that I have understood your previous instruction.

Austincity says:

@ zxcvhjklbnm at 6:12 the command is %*%

Jorge Alejandro Prieto Gomez says:

Sincerely Dear friends, I have a question and would appreciate very much to help me solve it as:

> x
, , villarriba quetelect =1

edad peso altura
hombres 45 65 170
mujeres 46 55 167

, , villarriba quetelect =2

age peso altura
hombres 48 68 169
mujeres 49 56 165

To extract the array elements specifically the header name, villarriba quetelect = 1:

I thank them very much ..

Rahul Biswas says:

ditto here. the later half values are different

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