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This Edureka video on R vs Python provides you with a short and crisp description of the top two languages used in Data Science and Data Analytics i.e. Python and R (Blog:http://bit.ly/2ClaowR). You will also see the head to head comparison between the two on various parameters and learn why one is preferred over the other in certain aspects.
Following topics are covered in the video:
1:30 Various Aspects of Comparison
1:40 Speed
1:56 Legacy
2:13 Code
2:28 Databases
2:45 Practical Agility
3:10 Trends
3:31 Salary
4:25 Syntax

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arjun pukale says:

I have learnt basics of python and now i want to learn machine learning. Plz guide me how to start off with it step by step

Oliver Li says:

life is short. i learned English back in school, and python allows me to program a computer independent of a professional programmer at the cost of only 2 months. and now i can even predict bitcoin prices with it. python, you’re amazing 😉 For R, i think i’d have to keep asking around for a guy like me

Pervala Laxman rao says:

Python is better to R.

ravinderram data science says:

R is better than python

Gabriel Espinosa says:

Really good! Congratulations for the video, very clear and straight to the point.

priye ranjan says:

R is better than python

Online Gamer says:

And the winner is


Z Du says:

Learn both! So let me ask you a similar question, which one is better, a coach bus or a lamborghini?

Rachit says:

Can you make a video on machine learning with JavaScript like Tensorflow.js

krishna chaitanya says:

I vote Python


Both languages are useful in data science.

Yakoob says:

thanks for the video

Subhadip Patra says:

Is getting data a big challenge?

Ray Chiu says:

Dang, studied the wrong language

Bollipalli Rambabu says:

R has great support community…compare to python.

Marjuke Razi says:

Is r language in better for undergraduate thesis or should i choose python for simplecity?

Xiaofeng Lu says:

I am going to learn both R and python for Data Science.

ashish panday says:

Cn u tell me the scopes in python.. nd where we have to learn in detail. About python.

Brahmaiahchowdary M says:

My vote for Python

edureka! says:

Got a question on the topic? Please share it in the comment section below and our experts will answer it for you. For Edureka Python Course curriculum, Visit our Website: http://bit.ly/2FBUtO7

Rohit Raj says:

I like your videos, please make such videos always to solve such confusion. you guys are really great.
please tell one thing…
If we have 20 lakhs sample , then which language will be more preferable R or python?
since R works on RAM , how much RAM is required to process such huge data sample?
In case RAM is creating any problem then should i shift to Python or not?
please reply.

Jigar Panchal says:

Thanx for details video for both…
Keep it up..

Abdennacer Ayeb says:

Thank you for your effort.

kharthigeyan satyamurthy says:

I use R, since ggplot is intuitive for graphics.

shifas shihab says:

Most used application for python?

Vivek Prajapati says:

Is Statistical Analysis easy in python?

Out of Blue Pills says:

There are WAY more statistics, econometrics, etc books out there in 2018 for R than there are for Python. Seems like if you’re learning the math, not just the programming, that’s a big point in favor of R.

Manupati punith says:

I don’t have any programming experience so what am I supposed to learn for data analyst with in 3 months of time

Samukelo Shezi says:

I love your Indian accent. Why are Indians so smart and beautiful?

Thank you for that worthwhile information. Bless you…❤❤❤

Subhadip Patra says:

I shall use Python.

Jose Quesada says:


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