Rstudio Tutorial: developing a web application with Shiny package

This tutorial provides a simple, step by step guide to develop a web application from scratch using Rstudio. Rstudio+Shiny enables you to conduct statistical analyses by R and share it as an interactive HTML page.


KluGah-Brown Benjamin says:

please how to correct this error (the html page keep closing when i runApp())
Warning: Error in registerShinyDebugHook: attempt to set an attribute on NULL Stack trace (innermost first): 1: runApp Error in registerShinyDebugHook(params) : attempt to set an attribute on NULL

Dheeraj Kura says:

Very Nice Explanation..

Sak says:

What a remarkable package it is…..I just got rid of 1000 lines of painful code in HTML/PHP/Bootstrap……just make a simple DONUT chart !!!!


He interchanged the Codes, that is why I have been receiving an error from y side.

micajah says:

Creating web apps with RShiny clicked in my head when I saw this video, and I’m going to say it was because of the quality teaching. Great vid!

oblomist says:

Fantastic intro to shiny. Thank you!

Uddhav Arote says:

Good tutorial to start with Shiny directly!

Peni Hausia says:

I was watching your video because I wanted to apply Shiny for my data analysis but when I run the runApp it says that the ui is missing. How did you combine the file (ui and server)? And in 3:39 timeline of the footage – you’ve used ui.R for shinyServer rather than shinyIU. Please can you explain.

Isaias Morales says:

Thanks, very useful tutorial.

Ujjwal Chaudhary says:

He din’t interchange anything between shinyUI & server files, he just renamed the shinyUI to shinyServer and forgot to explain it or he smartly did it because the code will through the error and he will receive the comments 🙂 , although very good video thanks 🙂

Ankit Shrivastava says:

ERROR:object ‘size’ not found, how to resolve this error?

unkno rel says:

Great video!!!
Can i ask you how did you open shiny app in browser(firefox) without running R?

Pavan Thanuj says:

Is it possible to only draw a histogram or can we make ggplots????

Viktor M says:

Tx Ehsan, you put into ui.R, I see in all samples sb’e is it critical ? what is the trick.
In my case I work but without any formatting either in FF or Chrome.
Tx. Mario

Bartlett Cantor says:

ERROR: argument “ui” is missing, with no default, not sure what i did wrong

Shalini Anunay says:

superub video man….good kick start with shiny

Andre Jablonski says:

Thanks a lot, man!

dulce bick says:

I have this ERROR: argument “ui” is missing, with no default 🙁

Tecwallet says:

Hi Ehsan – Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial on R Programming. I would also like to add this video at under your name with reference to your youtube channel. Let me know if you are fine with that.

Keep up the good work !!

ajay singh says:

Great learning. Plz keep sharing such tutorials.

Elaaf Shaikh says:

how can i connect rstudio with php i actually want to display my rstudio graphs and data onto my website,, i am using local server xampp

Elaaf Shaikh says:

can i ask you how to connect php in rstudio?

Timothy OBrien says:

Thanks, nice intro to Shiny and Rstudio 🙂

Shadi Azam says:

Hi please explain how you mixed the ui and server?

Heru wiryanto says:

Thanks Ehsan, good presentation

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