Scripts for Reproducible Research in R (R Tutorial 1.11)

Learn how to work with scripts in R and how to submit commands to R console from the RStudio’s Source(Script) Editor. You will also learn very handy keyboard short-cuts, and the use of the tab key. This video is a tutorial for programming in R Statistical Software for beginners.

Here is an overview of the topics discussed in this video. You can click on the time stamp to jump to the specific topic.

0:00:07 What is a script in R and why use them

0:00:40 writing scripts in R using copy/paste for a text editor

0:00:55 writing scripts in R using RStudio’s Source Editor

0:01:07 how to create a new script in RStudio’s Source Editor using menu options

0:01:19 how to open existing scripts in RStudio’s Source Editor using menu options

0:01:56 how to submit a line of code into R Console from RStudio’s Source Editor without copy and paste

0:02:21 how to use keyboard shortcuts to submit a line of code in R

0:03:08 getting to know various functionality of RStudio Source(Script) Editor

0:04:09 how to fix a typo in the script of codes in R

0:04:25 how to use the “tab” key (on keyboard) in RStudio Source Editor to help with the name of a command


Hitesh Somani says:

These videos are just awesome. So clear, precise and easy to understand. Thanks a lot…

Prasad Vemuri says:

I simply can’t thank enough for creating/sharing these crisp, clear, precise and awesome videos that help R learning newbie

Ravi Krishnarpan says:

Just awesome !! 5 star

ToniSkit says:

Is the script available to practice on?

puneet gupta says:

hey thanks for the video , I will stop here for one question , what if I have to submit my script from command line , command for that please.

bensaid karim says:

thanks for this helful videos

Jeovani Schmitt says:

Marin, excelent classes as usual!!!!!!!

Will Mcfall says:

Thank you for putting together the wonderful tutorials. I work with the Red Cross on recovery efforts for areas affected by Typhoon Haiyan. We use R for all of our data processing and analysis and your videos have been instrumental in helping teach R to staff and volunteers with limited programming background. Thanks again for all of your hard work and diligence.

ravi sharma says:

 Thanks a ton Marin for the videos…they are just amazing work….

Kang33Bill says:

Click on run, and you will notice, oops we made a typo here. 🙂 Haha. I love all these videos as they are very helpful but this is the first one that makes me laugh. :p

Carlos Linares says:

hi Marin,
really nice series. I have been following for a while. I would like to know where do you get the first script? I got lost on how you got the file that you oppnened at 1:28 of the video

Norah Moh says:

?Did you explain functions and scoping rules in your tutorials
best regards

nepatriots77 says:

If using PC what’s the shortcut? instead of “command?”

maxi maroc says:

Thank you so much. very clear videos.

Aamir Afzal says:

Marin you are the best trainer I’ve ever come across. Thanks so much for the training videos on R language… The way you deliver your speech and explain things its awesome….I recently got passionate about data analysis so that’s why I want to learn the R language. Because I love to work as a data analyst or a data scientist somewhere in future. And now everyday I’m follow your videos on R… thanks

Yowhatsupletmetellyo says:

Thank you so much.  I can’t possibly overstate how much these clear and cohesive videos helped me through such a stressful portion of my econ course.   Thanks so much!

Musa Taouray says:

hi thanks for the great lecture I have this problem I am trying to do text analysis in R studio here is my problem can any one help? mydata.csv <- read.csv("mydata.csv",stringAsFactors=FALSE)

lokesh buradkar says:

add video of how to set background image in r studio gui application

Lemuel Pabico says:

–> when i enter the code setwd etc., it says cannot change working directory, y?.

Rocktim Ramen Das says:

Where can I find the script that you have just shown. I am a beginner and your tutorials are helping me to grasp the idea of R. Thank you so much.

Aditi Lele says:

+MarinStatsLectures — Wonderful the way you explain.I was wondering if you can have a video where you have to create a dataframe for multiple excel files. Thanks in advance. Happy holidays!

Md Naqib Alam Ansari says:

Thank you +MarinStatsLectures for these awesome tutorials! I couldn’t find a better teacher than you… On my way to learning Data Science with R and Python, I found your videos on Youtube and is the best ever. Couldn’t help but subscribe to your channel! It was an easy choice! Thank you so much for all your efforts into this. You make me love R more with each video in the series.. God bless.. 🙂

Basima Mahmood says:

It would be so kind if you can make more videos explaining how to interpret data on R, I mean the statistical numbers from models. Thanks

Mohamed Mohamed says:

Thanks Marin

Keith Win says:

+MarinStatsLectures When you were leaning R, did you have to memorize or write down code at all?  My background is microbiology (trying to get into big data) and I am used to memorizing everything.  Make a list of R code lines or memorize?  

vinit bhatt says:

Thank you Sir. I have started re -learning R after watching your tutorials. very well organized learning materials

Jyotsna Roop says:

hello Sir, your tutorials are very nice.I am working on various regression techniques. SO if you are so desired, can you please kindly help me in presenting videos related to implementation of the following regression techniques?
1)Ordinary Least Squares regression
2)OLS regression with log transformation
3)OLS regression with BOX COX(BC) transformation
4)Robust regression
5)Ridge regression
6)Least median squares regression.

Sir, I have implemented Ordinary least Squares regression on few data sets related to my Project work namely  “Data Mining Techniques for software Effort Estimation: A comparative Study”.  But for these other regression techniques, I am unable to find any reliable videos.  So if you can help me out, I will be very grateful to you.  Thank you.  student 🙂
Sir, I am also sharing the script for “Ordinary Least Squares regression” technique implementation if possible. Thank you.

João Pacheco says:

Dont know if i am asking to mutch…but you you sbmit the scripts you use in th torurials…that would make the learning process even easier.

Basima Mahmood says:

Thanks a million for these very well organised videos. Actually for me, they are the best best comparing with other related ones 🙂 let me say !00 stars

Fan Chen says:

Great tutorial, content & pronunciation clear!!!

Nam Nguyen trung says:

Thanks for sharing, its very useful for beginer like me.

Bhavya Mittal says:

Hey Marin, You really did a great job by creating these videos.. They are explained in a very easy and understandable way and m happy I found your channel… Absolutely worth it… You have made things actually lot easier with these organized playlist and teaching what is most necessary…

Ravi Krishnarpan says:

Marin , I admire you as my trainer , I have a huge respect for you  , may God bless u always 

Randy Diaz says:

Thank you Marin!

I am very interested in learning another language after R

I want to get into the High frequency trading scene do you know the best language

for this? Some say C++ is better.

Olie C says:

These tutorials are really great, definitely helping a lot with with my statistics module 🙂

Douglas Lopes says:

Hey Marin. Thank you very much for your classes.

maxi maroc says:

Do you think this 45 videos are enough to leran the R . Please if you have more channels , send me links. Thanks

Teja varma says:

Thanks Dear….Great Videos,,,,

sujatha gangireddy says:

Sir at 1:27 (time) when i tried to open a file (created in microsoft office(used .R extension also ) i am not able open my file in source editor (top left in R studio) but rather data is opened in office file at that moment.Help me

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