Statistics with R (1) – Linear regression

In this video, I show how to use R to fit a linear regression model using the lm() command. I also introduce how to plot the regression line and the overall arithmetic mean of the response variable, and I briefly explain the use of diagnostic plots to inspect the residuals. Basic features of the R interface (script window, console window) are introduced.

The R code used in this video is:


#[1] “Ozone” “Solar.R” “Wind” “Temp” “Month” “Day”


#calculate mean ozone concentration (na´s removed)


#use lm to fit a regression line through these data:






Paul S says:

Thanks a ton, ur awesome

Oleksandr Sholin says:

Thank you very much, everything works pretty well, now I understand at least some stuff in R.

JWAN ALI says:

thank you

flamboyant person says:

Hello, please come back and make more vidoes on R we really need you Sir.

Prof Nandish Patel says:

Thank you Christoph! Excellent introduction to R. Simiplicity is most effective for learning. 🙂

Laura Lorenzo says:

This is great!! Now I have a much better idea of what I’m doing in R. Thank you very much!!


Sir, Please post the tutorial for user defined function for Simple Linear Regression in R without using any R packages or library.

HJ Kim says:


Roshan Fernando says:

Does anyone have any experience with Version 3.3.0? I am having trouble with the “control R” part and calling data…

Drzhivago11 says:

Very nice! Good job..

Erwan BUREL says:

Many thanks Mr Scherber.


A very helpful video for me! Thanks a lot Mr. Scherber. Please would you mind helping me with K-Fold Cross-validation (k = 10) or LOOCV or Validation Set Approach? How to use them to perform regression models, specifically the -kFold CV?

Vimal Raj says:

perfect for beginners.. i appreciate your work

Charles Rambo says:

Thank you!

Helmut Dittrich says:

Awesome, thank’s a lot. Very helpful

Charlie says:

I don’t have the data sets

Samukeliso Dlamini says:

After writing data which button u press to pops up data set range plz help me???????

Rebecca Liu says:

Thanks a lot, this is really easy to follow.

Jibreel Ahmad says:

woow! what an incredible tutorial. This the best, I really appreciate your work Christoph 🙂

KnorpelDelux says:

Super Video, vielen Dank aus Bayern!

Oluwagbenga Aremu says:

thank have really been of great help to me

Er Td says:

Very helpful tutorial. Any tips on sourcing data directly from an excel spreadsheet(s) to run regressions in R?


Easy and good starting point on R

radiazione cosmica di fondo says:


SagarmathaSipahi says:

I am sure this is a great tutorial but in my case when I use the plot command, it keeps on saying object ‘Ozone’ not found (Please help, if possible):

My editor: data(airquality)
#Ozone” “Solar.R” “Wind” “Temp” “Month” “Day”
plot(Ozone,Solar.R, data=airquality)

My R Console
> data(airquality)
> names(airquality)
[1] “Ozone” “Solar.R” “Wind” “Temp” “Month”
[6] “Day”
> plot(Ozone,Solar.R)
Error in plot(Ozone, Solar.R) : object ‘Ozone’ not found
> plot(Ozone,Solar.R, data=airquality)
Error in plot(Ozone, Solar.R, data = airquality) :
object ‘Ozone’ not found

Junrui Zhang says:

This video is extremely helpful! Thanks a lot! Can I have anther question for you? Assume I have 3 columns. Id,price and date. I want to run regression model between price and date, but under the condition that they have the same id. In another word, I want to see all the regression result that are grouped by different id. What codes should I put there? Wish you could help me! Thanks a lot!

Denis Gris says:

Great lesson ….thank you very much

Dominique Barrette says:

Truly informative, thank you, you explain so well

Nigel Jacobs says:

Thanks so much!

Charles Silber says:

Very very helpful in explaining linear regression. Thank you.

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