Statistics with R (part 1: very basic tutorial)
A tutorial on R programming (a statistical free software, parallel to s-plus) specially made for newbies. For relevant documentation, try and for dataset, try


animals0feel1pain2 says:

Very nice. Thanks for the effort! And the captions were good too lol

Boom says:

very brief, fast and practical. right on to the problem.

stopthatimmediately says:


Emilie Priyadarshini says:

Hi +Ehsan Karim

How are you?

Recently I was surfing on Youtube. I come to know about your Youtube Channel. I have viewed so many of your videos. I become fan of your videos and style of making it and represent your ideas.

I am so curious to know about How did you start this? please tell your story

Who did you inspire to motivate to make this amzing and useful videos.?

Why did you start this channel?

How many hours do you give in a week? do you work full time or work on weekends?

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Do you your own studio?

which tools do you use to record these videos and which software do you use for editing?

What message and tips do you like to inspire others to make educational youtube videos?

outness777 says:

man! amazing! I like this tutorial! I’m new in R! Thanks for this! I’ll see the others!

Thomas Haederle says:

Great video series. Thanks a lot.
Unfortunately the image quality is very bad and it is very dfficult to read and in full screen it is very unsharp.
Would you mind uploading a high quality version?

Analysis with Programming says:

Nice tutorials… I made some tutorials in R also, check that out in my channel.

vtcruzr says:

Thanks for these videos. They are just what I needed. Nice job!

AntonChigurification says:

Awesome videos! Thanks a ton!

Sonic Seven says:

whoa bud how much ram do you have because i see quite a few things running on the bottom right of your screen

jeremycanwalk says:

I wish someone would upload an S PLUS statistics tutorial !

rose0611 says:

Thanks si much, R seems a little less scary after viewing ur tutorial

Sonic Seven says:

haa I remember this language you can install GUI on top of it rkward

h2ocolor28 says:

This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Muhammad Azam says:

Good Job,

PeeteyP says:

are these vectors? I would call them arrays.

Mezter Mackzer says:

How can I get this IDE? please help me everyone.

berzeljoe says:

Thanks for posting your tutorial! It’s superb in order to get a first feeling for the program.

Tarnus88 says:

just typing x should also work if you want to print out the content of a variable 🙂

mojgan ahrabli says:

it is good

ninejaguar says:

Wonderful! Thanks for the lesson, and the sub-titles were appreciated too.

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