#4 Ruby Tutorial – Ruby Syntax & Basic Rules – Variables – comments

Ruby syntax, variables rules, END BEGIN statements and comment lines in ruby.

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Video Voice over by Sriyank Siddhartha [ Shreks ]

Smartherd Creators
1. Sriyank Siddhartha [ Shreks ]
2. Annapurna Agrawal [ Annie ]


Adegbenro Alexander says:

Hey man, thanks a lot for the tutorials its not boring at all.
and I got a problem with my aptana studio,it wont install,it says “failed to correctly acquire installer_nodejs_windows.msi file;CRC error.”
 I need ur help bro 

juber ahmed says:

hi ..
i am having tough time with aptana, issues after issues, solving one is followed by another error and the site you mentioned does download anything after clicking..
I think i should rather get started with eclipse than killing time with aptana, will eclipse be a ok choice or is there any area where aptana is better choice coz i know there are close to 60 videos and dont want to get hanged in the middle..thanxxx

Priyank lohan says:

dude can you tell me the future in Rube on Rails in india for fresher.

Mahk Richards says:

For those having problems installing the APTANA.

first download a node.js (Link) http://go.aptana.com/installer_nodejs_windows
Then after get the latest Git version(Link) http://msysgit.github.io/
After you can go on with your APTANA installation.

hope it helped.
NOTE :In some cases the Git is already available ,so no need to download it again, either ways you can still follow the above steps

Abdiwaa Nur says:


DevilGaruga says:

good tutorial

Vinson Chuang says:

Enjoy this course!!!So Funny!!

Mittinti Ramana Murthy says:

You did not mention that the Aptna Sudio will work only on 32 bit jdk version. 🙂

Karlski says:

Love the Punjabi accent! Especially women 😛 Could listen to it all day….

Ebrima Jallow says:

 I like this guy. He’s pretty entertaining.

Sayak Chandra says:

thanks a lot buddy!! perfect tutorial for the beginners like myself. owe you one.

Jennifer Hanson says:

Thank you for the educational video, very helpful first video I have found that truly helps a beginner. I want to learn programming, and am taking a college class that teaches Ruby. I enjoy watching videos and working at my own pace to learn and am grateful for your video series I am sure I will be coming back through out this semester.

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