Comparing Lines of Ruby to Python

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Michiel Overtoom says:

Hmmm, they say in Python you have to add the explicit _self_ which you don’t have to do in Ruby, but that’s not entirely true: even in Ruby you still have to add the _@_ for instance attribute access.

Explorer says:

crazy drama

Chrs Olvares says:

I think this video gave me cancer

John G says:

why did they make this video? If you seriously know Python and how constructors and instance variables work, and you can’t figure an almost 1:1 example out with a little difference syntax, you need *serious* help

sdghsadfjadfjd says:

I believe in you too Anthony

Brian Kabonyo says:

cringy acting…porn quality acting

Sandy says:

“you can do it Anthony i believe in you” was a patronising way of her boss trying to BOSS him subtly.

The Dardans says:

it looks like the start of a porn video

darkspl says:

could you recommend a good ruby on rails course in order to jump into a junior dev role? do I need to learn ruby? I know basics in Python

max steel says:

I know python and ruby. I use them both for Linux system administration and Pentesting. Concepts are the same and they have got a lot of similarities. Dude, I can tell you that if you can’t find similarities between these two great programming languages then you need to see a doctor immediately. And last thing (I don’t care if this is a sexist or something of the sort) I will never ever ask advice from a woman about computer programming and anything related to tech.
Sublime text ???????????????? OMG. You definitely need help. Power users use Vim, Emacs and NeoVim.


Both languages have their pros & cons. Just look at the beauty and elegance of python; the language is such as a sexy beast.

맥클린 Mck says:

Not typical intro for a porn

Sunny Shukla says:

Dumass… U don’t know how to make videos… I am sure you can’t teach anyone programming with such lame examples…

Trevor Barton says:

LOL Use Google Anthony!

J Becker says:

This is why there are no actors who are also programmers.

darkspl says:

I just learn for fun for now. Would not found that this question could be asked 😀 I would ask google or myself 😀 I like to play around with the code before asking google or communities

Josh Lipovetsky says:

Thumbs up for the high five 😀

Jack Luo says:

this is for stupid people. if developers are stupid enough that this helps, they should get out of the industry.

MaxDeveloper says:

Stupid Video. And taking advice from a woman? Fuck women.

Fast Solution says:

Haha udacity

Edson Mendieta says:

lol that desk

CBorgZ says:

So hard write Car Class )))
Before write OOP code i just learn basic language syntax.
I realized that creating complex things without knowing how to create simple ones is a bad idea!

Matt DS says:

I don’t think I want to have a beer with Anthony

ripperx444 says:

I know Python and Java fairly well and am forced to learn Ruby to get some work down. Its a horrible cousin of Python in my opinion. What this video doesn’t show you is good luck accessing/setting the instance variables after you create your objects! Also Ruby has possibly the dumbest @@ “static” variable system that ruines the whole purpose of inheritance! Don’t even get me started on the loops syntax!

Thomas Slone says:

i love ruby but its only good for three things, teaching coding to beginner programmers, forcing you to learn engineering skills by implementing things the interpreter lacks or you dont want to use cjava for, and finnaly the reason you dont see us trying to make ruby compilers for any machine is because metaprogramming is pretty damn hard to modify a programs source code from its source code then update the changes in machien code, machine code and modify memory structure allowing metabehavior rather than modifying the source

aziz as says:

They are just different syntax. nothing is bad nor good.

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