Intro to Rails: The Ruby Basics

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Hector Archundia says:

wow! so simple and easy!!! do you have one of these for php? hehehe … thank you!!

mark rojas says:

thank you sir 😀 for this

Nishant Bahri says:

+Mackenzie Child I have basic knowledge of css and html. Should learn side by side or have full knowledge of html and css? Thanks for the videos though.

shadetabi says:

thanks, finally a tutorial that gets straight into it. All the other tutorials wanted me to download like 7 different things before finally getting started.

iJourney says:

awesome video!. I am learning javascript and I see ruby and js are very similar. Good to know, it’ll be much quicker to learn after learning js 😉

claw7755 says:

this series is awesome, been wanting to learn ROR for too long now and couldn’t find anything encouraging, but this is just fun just to watch and learn. Thanks!

videodancer1 says:

Thank you so much for doing this. This explains things better than the Codecademy Ruby course, and in less time.

Chris Etheridge says:

Thanks so much for all your videos man! I have been following your ’12 weeks, 12 web apps’ like a religion, to learn rails. These new ‘intro to Rails’ videos are also so great to watch to learn Rails and Ruby. Keep creating awesome videos!

Parag Kulkarni says:

Increase font size plz

datamiljo says:


Uplift Way says:

Can you please explain in dummy version the difference between { } and [ ].Thank you

Jaime G. says:

your videos have helped me grow an awesome portfolio and I had my first interview today for a web dev. job which I never could have dreamed of 6 months ago. But you have def helped me get there, so I am very grateful to you. Do you have any input on a good hosting company to showcase different projects, portfolio, etc?

Caged says:

Another syntax to learn

Amir Ariffin says:

Thanks for the great intro to Ruby. I am starting to fall in love with Ruby!

Erika Manning says:

Thank you! 🙂

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