Make an instagram like site in under 30 minutes! (Ruby on Rails)

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Gilfoyle says:

I gave up 7 minutes into this. Where the hell am I supposed to get that ‘application.html.erb’ markup from? No links in the description? Waste of time.

tinomutendaishe msakwa says:


shivam jindal says:

hi, the tutorial was awesome. but i want to know one thing how you add css in this. like i have done exactly the same thing but my css is not loading in chrome , it is not looking that good can you suggest me how can i make that interesting

1eddy87 says:


Lenimentus says:

What an ugly language, yuck! back to c++

alex B says:

hi, at what point on time do you upload the page into a server?…I don’t know how you can do that with ruby, I just know with js and php.

Echo Xin says:

Thanks so much for the tutorial!!! Do you mind share the instruction Github link?

Dylan Harness says:

An excellent silent expose of rails

Vlad Sargsyan says:

uninitialized constant UsersController

Can some one help me?( please

Jackson Singleton says:

I’ve been following you on IG and Snapchat and I just happened to stumble on this! Cool to see you making vids

Daniel ituah says:

it keeps telling me Sprockets::FileNotFound in Posts#index can’t find my jquery

Cumpacho says:

hi I have a problem, As finally the application.html.erb file

Tiffany Andrews says:

Is this guy a mouse? Can’t hear anything

Jay Pretli says:

Is there a version with fixed sound?

Lee Tyler says:

Pretty rushed tutorial. Worried more about how long the video was. No coverage of imagemagik which is required for the paperclip styles.

tinomutendaishe msakwa says:

after rails s, how do i enable typing in the cmd again?

Sarmad Rasheed says:

Awesome tutorial i am thankful for brilliant effort.

Createdd says:

You are speaking really loud!

WillieTaylorVlog says:

Are you able to help me create an app

Felix Vidal Gutierrez Morales says:

Hi all, when opening by development.rb file in Sublime, I am not getting the InstagramApp settings inside of it, but Im getting in the first lines “Rails.application.configure do
# Settings specified here will take precedence over those in config/application.rb.” Do you have any idea why is that??

JuaffreBlumpkins says:


Naveen Kumar Sangi says:

This might be a dumb comment.. But don’t you think the volume is quite low on this.

Jarry Jones says:

This might be a dumb question, but is it possible to emulate this in cloud9? I am a beginner with coding and ive been having trouble using cloud9. Any help?

Kenda Qela says:

Can you send me code

Funny Videos says:

very helpful tutorial! thanks!

scott cooper says:

After following this tutorial I have to say its not very good. If your going for just showing what you can do in 30 mins then well yeah its fine but as a tutorial. This is not a good tutorial. First off dont skip ahead or do things not on camera. It confuse your audience. Then take a moment and dont just blow through all the coding and commands. Its hard enough to have to rewind it every couple of seconds. Once again if not a tutorial just ignore everything here.

DataX Philippines says:

For some reason the image only shows “missing”. Anyone got an idea why it’s not showing? Thanks

v2hot says:

Bravo adash haha 😀

Guilherme Tonini Botassoli says:

Guys, if happen an error on db:migrate command, the link below show the solution.

Alexandru Axentioi says:

Ynaqdh – after pressing “Y” rails doesn’t do anything. What should I do?

John Durso says:

When you made the second post, it showed up underneath the first post. What would you do to create a timeline of sorts so the most recent post shows up on top?

marcos pizarro says:

more tutorials like this pls

Noel Irias says:

This was great. Any change a part two for this to include how to delete pictures?

Newton Robert says:

hey are youu here ?
need you asap error
Could not run the `identify` command. Please install ImageMagick.
def create
@post = Post.create(post_params)
redirect_to posts_path
def post_params

Karrar Barazanchi says:

Hi,please I’need program to write code of ruby on rails on this program because i’m not know any program use and I’want this program be such netbeans or sblimtext or not pad ….etc thanks for you

Dennis Fiordean says:

*2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway*

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