Making Fruity Bat (a Flappy Bird clone) in Ruby

Making a flappy bird clone in Ruby using the gosu gem.

View the code on github:

Twitter: @tom_dalling


WinterXL says:

Random observation, you sound a bit like Andrew Gerrand, a person on the Google Go (programming language) team.  Perhaps you gents hail from nearby places.

King says:

im a complete beginner, I was going to copy this but if I do this for 2 hours worth and get it wrong, thats a lot of code to look through

Dominic Monaco says:

I cant get your defstruct gem to work ‘cannot load such file — defstruct’

Ibrahim Samad says:

Wow! that was crazy…using vim for this… u re a true geek lol. thanks

dFuZe Axility says:

Crazy hard

Robert Bridges says:

Ruby newbie here. Are you coding straight in terminal?

anonymous1111 says:

Thanks for sharing this. Was interesting to watch. 

What do you think are some ways to improve the design of the program to adhere more to SOLID principles?

Tom Dalling says:

@WinterXL: We’re both Australian (and a bit monotone), so that probably explains it!

@Robert Bridges: It’s vim in iTerm2, so yes.

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