Ruby Metaprogramming Tutorial – Part 1 – Send Method

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The video in a series of videos on Ruby Metaprogramming. The first method is the send method.


phanindra srungavarapu says:

nice vid, any special reason u used values.each_key ? u finally used the value in the loop..

tekknolagi says:

My guess is that some Ruby users will be thrown off by a block getting yielded two variables, and so he went with only one block argument.

phanindra srungavarapu says:

the videos are just fine

Earth Water Air Spirit Fire Lebanese Buffalo says:

THE ONLY THING WORTH RESORTING TO METAPROGRAMMING OVER (erases all other alterations, preserves the original state, fantasy computer games, and Microsoft Windows 98 intact. No Genetic modification. Built in by the designer *insert name here*)

“Do not bury me under a rock, plant a tree instead. I will never die so plant a tree anyway!” The written Will of most people living today, after visiting a modern cemetery. Making a big investment in the spirit of Life. *Microsoft*

divine intervention as it’s meant to be.

MattStopaDev says:

@karatedog Yeah I can completely understand that. It really comes down to time vs amount. I definitely need to get better, getting things to a Railscast level would be extremely hard though. Mostly because of the amount of time it would take, between rehearsing, editing, etc. If other people are having this issue, let me know. I’ll do my best going forward.

MattStopaDev says:

@amit2076 Hmm I checked out the volume and it seemed okay to me. Was it just the beginning or the whole video? I’ll try and get the volume louder for future videos.

Joan Roig says:

Thanks man! Good introduction to send 🙂

karatedog says:

Srry, but can’t concentrate on it. The content is good but the presentation technique is bad (And I’m really interested in metaprogramming).
Please record it first, watch it after two days, rehearse it, and record it again reading from paper or other stuff. Railscast is not good because of being spontaneous.

MattStopaDev says:

@amit2076 Thanks, I will be adding more videos this weekend.

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