Ruby on Ales 2014 – Writing Games with Ruby

By Mike Moore
Creating games is crazy fun and dirt simple with Ruby. You will leave this session with a working game; no previous game development experience necessary. We will introduce basic concepts of game programming and show how to implement them using the Gosu library. This includes the game loop, sprites, animation, camera movement and hit detection. We will build a complete game, so you might want to bring your notebook and follow along.

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QuidQuoPro says:

Why did the scrren turn green all the sudden? Other wise a wery good into, I having alot of fun playing around in gosu 🙂

Strategiusz says:

That Gosu looks like a simpler (more convention over configuration) PyGame. And PyGame looks like abandoned unfortunately.

Aman Chandel says:

The screen suddenly went green.. but still such a great video.

Shmannel says:

i havent figured out how to build a game yet but i built this, what am i doing wrong?

MattieCooper says:


MDtox says:

Can I write these games in Android(with Ruby)?

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