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For quite some time I have been using Rails and NodeJS for all of my web and Android development so I decided to make a Ruby on Rails video tutorial. I will cover a lot in this tutorial.

We’ll cover installation, MVC, setting up MySQL, the file system, creating controllers and views, embedded Ruby, Routes, communication between the controller and views, migrations and more.


Stav Levi says:

in case mysql doesnt work
after “rails new readit -d mysql” in the terminal try “cd readit” and then”rake db:create” and then “rails server” in case it is still not working check the database.yml file and set the password.

Up4lIFe says:

At 19:50 it throws an error. I even copied the transcript. Could that be because I’m not using MySQL?

Patrick Foley says:

At around 20.00 you log into mysql using: mysql -u root -p. when I try this I just get Command not found. Any suggestions?

Kate All-Loving says:

I don’t understand a thing. It’s like watching someone writing Chinese. I have no hope 🙁

nayr relwodi says:

You are the man!

Abhinav Sharma says:

@Derek could you please do a video explaining F# ( one of the ML family ).

I find your videos absolutely vital to learning about a language – brilliant work. Thanks for putting them out like this, it’s highly appreciated :+1:

Majestic Douchebag says:

Hi, Derek! Do you ever plan on releasing some Elixir/Pheonix?

Matt Wilson says:

love it. i’m an intermediate mvc developer and i need to learn RoR. This is perfect! thank you!
my only suggestion would be to announce to everyone that having some experience in development (i have 6 years) will help and this is geared towards them… but if they are novice they may have to watch the vid more than once. other than that its perfect! keep it up!

Joshua Carpenter says:

Hey Derek, do you think that Ruby/Rails is still worthwhile to learn? I’ve put in several hours into learning Ruby and I’ve started looking at Rails tutorials, but I’m a little hesitant to go any further as I’ve seen several people say that it’s lost its relevance.

Jimena Pulgar says:

Muchas gracias Derek. I followed this video, also Ruby, Phyton and Prolog. Excellent because to start is sometime very hard. I felt frustrated with a Rails book, but after to follow your video I am ready!!!

Thomas Farid says:

thank you so much sir.

Mickster58 says:

is there anywhere on the internet.. ANYWHERE that tells how to write ruby in sublime text 3 how to set it up

Li Xiaolong says:

Hi sir, 6:56 when you type $subl . My Sublime Text didn’t show anything…Can you help please? Thank you

tinomutendaishe msakwa says:

Since the default console for windows does allow tabs, can you just have 2 cmd windows open?

Abhishek Sharma says:

Hi Derek, very impressive video. Good content, great speed for someone who wants to pick ror fast.

Donald Trump says:

This is really great! Thanks a lot Derek for this outstanding tutorial!

Drigonian says:

To pull up the bundle install files to Sublime on Windows it was said to use ‘subl.exe folderName’. This doesn’t seem to work for me. It mentions needing sublime text in the ‘path’ in order for it to work. What is the path and how do I get sublime text in it? Isn’t the path $ subl.exe folderName or am I really confused?

KumarHD says:

So for windows 10 mySQL workbench. I already downloaded it but dont have localhost

Codeah says:

This tutorial was a bit hard to follow due to the fact that you were using a Macintosh.

Cameron McAlpine says:

Thanks for the video… I just have to point out, though, for all people: Ubuntu is pronounced “ooboontoo”, not “youbUntoo”… It’s a zulu term essentially meaning “community”.

CubesFTW says:

rails handles the naming and capitalization itself?

satishakumar awati says:

Very good video for revising basic rails CRUD and database configuration in short time. For beginners who don’t have any idea of rails , its very hard for grasping all things explained.

George Hickey says:

lost me around the 19 minute mark – huh?

Owi says:

It tells me my socket is MySQL and when I start the server I get this error when I open localhost in the browser: Mysql2::Error Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

Collin Bowman says:

I’m having trouble creating the database at 20:01. In my mac terminal it does not execute when I type in your command for the creation of the DB. Any advice is much appreciated.

Derek Smith says:

I can get everything working but I have to do something not covered in the vid, just wanted to check this is correct if anyone knows… If I just follow the steps in the vid I get an error in browser…”can’t connect to local MySQL server…” However if I open another terminal window and launch mysql using mysql.server start then run the app using rails server, everything works fine. This leaves me with as I understand it 2 servers running??? Is that right. 1 the mysql server and 2 the rails server, which looks like puma from the terminal read out. Is that correct, or I have I misunderstood whats going on Thanks.

Andrew Musholt says:

I’ve noticed you have an incredibly wide array of programming videos. Have you used these for a job at some point or do you just self-teach for making the videos?

Kinjal Rabadiya says:

I want already developed project and i am trying to run it but got error like below how to solve it?:

bundle install

Fetching gem metadata from……….
Fetching version metadata from
Fetching dependency metadata from
ZenTest-4.9.4 requires rubygems version < 2.2, which is incompatible with the current version, 2.6.8

vandit6354 says:

I got up to 16:22, instead of the expected result, I got this (and literally no idea!):

WelcomeController#sample is missing a template for this request format and variant. request.formats: [“text/html”] request.variant: [] NOTE! For XHR/Ajax or API requests, this action would normally respond with 204 No Content: an empty white screen. Since you’re loading it in a web browser, we assume that you expected to actually render a template, not nothing, so we’re showing an error to be extra-clear. If you expect 204 No Content, carry on. That’s what you’ll get from an XHR or API request. Give it a shot.

Extracted source (around line #53):

“That’s what you’ll get from an XHR or API request. Give it a shot.”

raise ActionController::UnknownFormat, message
else “No template found for #{}##{action_name}, rendering head :no_content” if logger

Adhithya Joe says:

Hey Derek, I should be able to use sqlite instead of mysql right ?

Suvajit Chakrabarty says:

24:32 “And lets say i dont want this to have a value of false” ? You mean null right 😀

userric1554 says:

I love all your videos and they’re helping a lot as i go thru my web development bootcamp. Could you do some videos on popular api’s? Facebook, google maps, etc i think they would be super helpful.

Caio Ramos says:

Best rails video on youtube.

Braden Wilson says:

At 8:10 when I open MySql Workbench it doesn’t have the localhost server. How can I find the socket? Is there something I’m missing here?

Sahil Rally says:

Is this tutorial still valid for Rails 5 ? Which Rails version it covers ?

Keksbrot says:

At min 7:00 nothing is happening on my screen, not even when i type in subl.exe help me please.

Nisha Gautam says:

how to add css files in rubymine in ruby programs

Suvajit Chakrabarty says:

You are just awesome ! I believe those complaining that you have missed out on some steps like mysql etc. should at least appreciate what you are doing for so many people interested to learn before pointing out what is wrong with your tutorial.

Pronoy Gomes says:

Just Excellent. Many thanks.

MRGCProductions20996 says:

how is this preffered to xampp?

Gabe Payne says:

Random question, but I’ve watched quite a bit of your programming tutorials and I’d have to say, that it amazes me how spot on you are with how you explain each respective language’s syntax and theory. My question is: How and to what frequency do you use programming in your daily, professional life?

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