Ruby Programming – 1 – Install Ruby and Editor

Ruby programming tutorial. Learn Ruby Programming
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Komodo is one of the best Editors/IDE’s for Ruby programming. If you already have an editor, I recommend trying out Komodo. I’ve tried all the others and I still came back to Komodo.




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How much do programmers make? 0:01
Downloading and Installing Ruby 2:51
Downloading Komodo 3:34
Print and Puts 4:07
Variables 10:22
Closing Summary 12:44
Next Ruby Tutorial:…

You will learn about:
The Print command
The Puts command
Variable: Holds a specific value or object
Integer: A whole number
Booleans: True and false statements.
Float: A number with a decimal. ex. 4.5624
String: Anything within quotations. “



or download rubymine torrent…….better than komodo ide im just saying

Rosen Fotenliev says:

should have just explained that puts adds a new line to the end of the output

Eman Lotfy says:

is it okay downloading Komodo editor instead of Komodo ide ?

kingwindie says:

Ruby is dying. So sad

radtechmf says:

Excellent video! Looking forward to watching the others. Thanks!

Alexander Larrabee says:

Can you update this process for 2017 please? The komodo editor looks completely different now

KikiWTV says:

Hi, love watching your videos! I just started ruby but every time I drag my file into ruby my notepad shows up with what I wrote. Do you have any suggestions on how i can fix this? 🙂

MrPelafio says:

Hey man, today I installed Ubuntu because everyone said this was the best to program in Ruby, but truth is I’m confused as fuck… Any advice on this?

Pirate McNabs says:

For anyone who does not want to go through the hassle of installing Komodo, go to

I had some trouble with the new version of Komodo where every time I try to create a new file it would only create *.txt files. so worked for me

kuki singh says:

hey can you please tell me which recent ruby installer should i download for 2017

Khanrad says:

I found this course to be very helpful in building real world applications using the Ruby on Rails framework
Here is a coupon, share with whomever you like 🙂

Wrath Feign says:

Hi, I am using the newest Ruby and Komodo. When I tried to drag my .rb file to the Command Prompt, my computer popped a message saying, “How do you want to open this type of file?” It had an option to find an app in the store (I am on WIndows 8) but they all seemed to be similar to the Ruby Rails Command Prompt. How do I fix this? Thanks

Valentine Kosarev says:

7:40 When I have a gun, everyone is my friend 🙂

Random Banter says:

Why use komodo when u can use rubymine with a student acc

Daniil Danzig says:

Hey man,
Loved your sketchup series, really learned a lot.
Decided to give this a go, as I am gainfully unemployed currently. Always been curious about this domain, so why not? Buuuut, i got problems right from the get go. When i drag our file into terminal, it says permission denied. I have tried re doing it a few times and downloaded other editors than komodo, but all with negative results. Is this video impossible to follow if i have a mac?


Antoni Theodorou says:

Well done! The only thing i don´t like is that you use an Editor we have to pay for 😀

Amanjit Kaur says:

Hey Jake, I was trying to download Ruby 1.9.3 but I could not locate it, also I tried looking for 2.1.6 as well but could not find it. Also, I am very new to coding, have a test coming up and its an exam on solutions using ruby, any advice?.

Tyler Ingham says:

For some reason I can’t get print to return a string but puts works fine. Any ideas?

Jon Dow says:

did this exactly as suggested and had a syntax error. I know this is an old tutorial just curious if the version might be the problem? or maybe that I’m running windows 7 still any information would be helpful

Parmar JayÜ says:

we can develop website using ruby ???????



Justin Carothers says:

This is a very depressing tutorial.

xethage android says:

awesome teach thankyou

Brian Moore says:

I keep get error on my_cat = “cute”

Sudhagar Sachin says:

If you want to know how to manage multiple ruby versions,

Dana Muise says:

“you don’t even need a college degree” I’ve had 4 technical job interviews so far that have asked me to write or explain the time complexity of a given sorting algorithm. There is no Ruby bootcamp that will give you that info.

Dena Burd says:

when I try to drag the “first lesson” file over it returns “permission denied” anyone know what I need to change? thanks


Hello Jake sorry this is my first time watching your tutorials and i found them great but when i try to practice i found a problem how to apply ruby files on komodo IDEsince most of your tutorials you’re using komodo edit and when i try to create a new i can’t found Ruby.rb can you help me.

thank you.

Syed Rizvi says:

Hi Jake, Is Ruby still in demand? Should I try to learn it and make some nice serious money even today?

Caged says:

So the initial chart you show says I shouldn’t learn Ruby but Java….moving on.

Adam says:

That first chart is horribly skewed. Javascript salary is $10k off yet it’s more than half the bar of the Python bar? Hilarious..

Ramesh Adarakatti says:


Christian T says:

Why doesn’t my program lauch in DOS?

gabestormseattle says:

Okay, so I’m using Windows 10 and it won’t run the first lesson inside the “Start Command Prompt with Ruby” window. Instead, it wants me to set a file association. So, I set it to open in Notepad, but that’s not right either. When you hit enter, it opens a notepad window that just lists all of the code I just wrote, i.e., “print ‘this is my first ruby lesson'” as opposed to “this is my first ruby lesson”.

Feldi says:

well seems like Komodo isn’t free anymore…
seems like I can put that tutorial in the bin…
I mean almost 250 Bucks, are they crazy?
and I’m sure that it’ll take more than 21 Days to learn one scripting language.

Antony Fanta says:

Thanks very much

donna gilberto says:

Hi Jake,
I am going to learn Ruby and rails ver 5. can you recommend a package software link?

George Theodoridis says:

Hey Jack, I have a project in mind for a plugin for Sketchup. Not my area. How do I go about finding programmers – is there a community or something?

Marilyn Hoelscher says:

Your video says to download 1.9.3, that is no longer an option. Which one should I download now? today is Jan. 4, 2017

Play On Valamous™ says:

Issue, the path part where it adds/replace. I am trying to learn C#, Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, SQL, CSS, and Lua and if I download it, it will replace the path with the Java path already there…

Gorguruga says:

I don’t have ruby.rb showing up in Komodo when i click new file?

Nitros64 says:

Jake this is the best IDE/Editor for ruby?

jimmybean says:

help. no matter what i do i cant execute rb files even though ruby is installed. just wanted to try out “puts ‘hello'”
“SyntaxError: (irb):2: syntax error, unexpected $undefined, expecting tSTRING_CONTENT or tSTRING_DBEG or TSTRING_DVAR or tSTRING_END”

Shrouk Abozeid says:

when i open “Start command Prompt with ruby ” it says “can’t find file specified
i must’ve did something wrong during installation but i don’t know what
so what should i do ?

Maya Curry says:

I dont really want to pay for Komodo, is there another editor I could use?

yeaR DropZ says:

or you could just type: print “text n” to go to the next line

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