Ruby Programming – 10 – Functions

Ruby Programming Functions. Functions in Ruby Programming. Ruby programming tutorial.



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Just a Hack says:

sir can you make a vide on how to buy a domain name with dedicated server actually me and my friends know about domain name but dont know about dedicated server how to use dedicated server on windows or mac to hold all the data please help us and by the way your tutorial are awesome…

papa bur says:

First 10 complete! Nice work Jacob, and I must say, you are a great instructor. A few years back, I was hit by a I.E.D. (roadside bomb) in Iraq while serving in the Army and since then have found it hard to focus/study and struggle in classroom settings..but your videos work for me, and well, I just wanted you to know, I appreciate that. Keep it up! 

Ankita Moradiya says:

awesome its very useful for me

ben haywood says:

in your book you referred to the function by calling it a method. Is there a difference between function and method like in python?

Michael Hazelrig says:

I have always wanted to find the time to learn a coding language, but never thought it would be beneficial since I am a Finance major. Thank you for taking time to make these videos, and also “Hatching Twitter” was excellent.

vickeeevick says:

Is there anyway possible to read your book without a kindle device? I have been trying to get a hold of it somehow but have been unsuccessful.

tactteam00 says:

Jake, thank you for these videos! They’re really clarifying the concepts for me and creating them in the editor and running in terminal is solidifying the muscle memory. I see you’re ending your files with $end. I haven’t seen this before. Why does $end end the file and why is it only used in certain files and not others?

Kris Murice says:

My “Komodo” is going to expire in 14 days. Where can I go to get another subscription? Or do I have to pay for it?


Antuan Claude says:


Summer Lee says:

great tutorial! Thank you very much!

Nagag Salka says:

Thanks for your video clips.
I learned RUBY by watching your clips
Thanks once again

Latest Tech, Trick and Hacks says:

Thank you very much for your tutorials

Joseph Kennerson says:

did you ever make the week review videos?
i cant find them 🙁

LosTimeProductions says:

You never made the “Week 1 Review” video that you described at the end.

TheBobstar89 says:

Loving the tutorial videos Jacob, I’m learning a whole lot on Syntax and the additional references at the end of your videos are very much appreciated! 🙂

littleshiet says:

i love you man 🙂

Kewendi says:

You are such a great teacher! You understand how to break the concepts into bytes and build up foundation knowledge logically. You are patient and you explain everything clearly and show examples. 

Love Nature says:

you dont need to put the ‘end’ below where you are calling the method ‘sagan’ right?(1:21)

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