Ruby Programming – 2 – Arithmetic Operators Tutorial

Ruby Tutorial – basic math functions in Ruby. Ruby addition and subtraction. Ruby divide. Ruby lessons.



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★☆★ NOTES ★☆★

· Arithmetic Operators

Operators Covered:
+ add
– subtract
* multiply
/ divide
** exponential ex. 10 x 10 x 10 =1000
% modulo ex. 10/3 = 1 (3 goes into 10 three times with a remainder of 1)


Pamela Howell says:

While I see you have 68 videos on YouTube, how many lessons exist so far in your Ruby series? Are all 68 Ruby related or is that total videos on all subject matter?

Wendelina Elbers says:

Hi Jacob. Just registered with you thx. I’m on lesson 2 for Ruby and just can’t get the arithmetic Komodo file to print in the cmdr window. I have ruby installed but when I copy and paste, all that happens is that komodo window opens up??

SpicyRaccoon says:

I dont like the way you breathe.

Traivan Von says:

Thanks you Jake from Cambodia, i am start basic i hope you will me more thank AKUN

amanuel hailu says:

i am really thankful for your ruby tutorials,i like it so much
is number 36 ruby tutorial the end or..?

Bartosz Szulc says:

This is rapid language and you make it so slow man ;((

Clorox Bleach says:

Hey you can get windows 10 for free on the Microsoft website for this year only

Tuck Tuck says:

I cannot do this in my new komod edit 🙁

Goldenboy Agape says:

great tutorial, thanks. When are you starting ruby on rails?

Anshad Ummer says:


LikeABousAblesGaming says:

I don’t understand the modulo can you please help me when you said 17 % 4 you said the remainder is 1 but when I devided 17 with 4 I got 4.25 so how is the remainder 1? I did see if I devide it with 4 again I get 1.0625 where the remainder is 1 is that how you got it?

Movie Reviews says:

um isnt two stars in coding/ruby __to the power of__

code 1000123 says:

Why are you not using the print command?
I test it and it works.

Dpschof says:

It was posted on my birthday!

sami fandi says:

Hello im new to ruby and komodo im not use to them, so my question is can i use note padd ++ or ???

Wayne Burbage says:

thank you


for some strange reason it says “no such file or directory” what do i do????

quynh nhu pham says:

hello , english is your native language??

RoTech404 says:

This is pretty good. I like how you start small and then build up. I even started to play around with some arithmetic operations. Thanks alot Jacob.

bebebebebebebebebebebeebebeb says:

Hello just want to know if you can design an item for me and the cost please

Autoshotjosh says:

I’ve got to admit, you are explaining this a lot better than most, i really appreciate this. And you changing the example of the modulo help me clarify what it actually was, thanks man!

Rahen Choudhury says:

It’s much faster if you use Unix Command in the cmd prompt. you do not need to drag the file everytime

Brian van vlymen says:

finally i understood module how it work! geez. thanks! 

Katy Martin says:

Hi M.r Williams 🙂 I know nothing about programming.Can you please explain these questions for me?
1)Is it Ruby on Rails or just Ruby?
I don’t have so much free time to learn programming.I just have few months to learn programming cause i wanna take my chance and make a MVP for my Startup idea to see if it works or not.
2)Can i learn this for example in 7 or 8 months to make a MVP for my Startup idea?
Or i have to spend more times than 8 months to learn this?

Aady Aadil says:

well after variable where is the boolean integer float string ?

Tuck Tuck says:

I cannot save file in a new Komodo as a rb file, how can i do that ? PLEASE HELP

Ben Staunton says:

Christ. coming from c sharp makes ruby seem like the most laid back language out there.

Trell CEO says:

can you do a video on installing on windows 10 for ruby and the Rails

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