Ruby Programming – 31 – Yield

How to yield in Ruby. Ruby yielding explained. Ruby programming tutorial.



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Bret Mackey says:

Hey Jake, I have been going through your rub videos and they have been great! I have a question about the IDE. Whenever I run the debug I get a prompt for “Debugging Options”. I was wondering why when you run the debug it does not ask you every time and how I can go about preventing this box from popping up.

Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

Steve Egevski says:

could you tell me, how can i yield one method to other with parameters?

Jay Rosenberg says:


Shailesh Jagan Mohan says:

Hi, seems now that the IDE is 250$, can I continue using command prompt?? or is there any other IDEs that I can use for this tutorial??

Zekun Zhang says:

I think he should’ve mention what, how and why. I did not see it coming.

#! /Programmer : /usr/Geek/bash/ gcc argv[0] says:

i don’t get it. how do we call yield why do we write blocks outside the function. it doesn’t make nay sense.

John Pratt says:

You got “Flower” from Bambi. LOL! Great Videos 🙂

Kewendi says:

You explained yielding so clearly! Thank you for clearing this up for me : )

RocStream says:

i didnt get it such a shit explanation



Keep it up

I hope you can show more cases of using yield or comparing not using yield and using it and how good the code would be

good job man

Javier Guerrero says:

For JS Devs, think of blocks “passed” to methods as callback functions.

allforone4 says:

Hey Jake, could you explain the use of this yields in the “real life programming”.
the only use i could think of is a sort of an error which you wouldnt like to repeating printing them

Naelson douglas says:

YOu explained that clearly, thanks for that. But I still think this yield syntax is terrible. It would be better to use methods as parameters and call them inside the caller method.

Khoshal Khan says:

i am watching this weird guys ruby tutorial. it circles around hashes, variables, inputs and so on. but not objects, classes and variable types. in ruby everything is objects. this guy tells us everything even his son name and blah blah, but not classes and objects. oh yeah classes and objects on the last episodes, it should have kicked in from the beginning episodes

Onur Eker says:

I have read a lot of lessons about yield; but this was the clearest one. Thank you.

Zekun Zhang says:

more into his tutorials, more confused I get

RocStream says:

dude just get to the point, for fuck sakes

Adriana Castaneda says:

You saved my ass today with this video! Quick question, will the book that you’re writing follow your tutorials?

TheDerpCard says:

lol i put (|num| num * 3 ) instead of {|num| num * 3 } i derped

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