Ruby Programming – 36 – FizzBuzz Game

How to create a FizzBuzz program in Ruby. This is a common test question when applying for a job in programming. I will show you how to pass the test.



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Jamie Dawson says:

1:52 That music took me off guard so much! I honestly thought one of the Guitar Pedal example videos I like to watch started playing. lol

Thank you so much for these videos! I had a great time going through them.

Herman Y says:

Just started learning Ruby.  What’s a good source to download the komodo ide?

Jyothi Prakash Thaduri says:

For the first time I am going through the Ruby programming, it made me feel like I had learned it. With better understanding I just completed this entire tutorial in 2 days….

David says:

Hi, might be a really stupid question, I was trying to use the new komodo 9 ide but i cant make a ruby app just a text file, so i downgraded to komodo 8.5 instead. how do i make/save a file to a .rb?

Ronando Long says:

Loved the background music. Way subtle, wasn’t distracting. I actually got excited  when I heard it.

Eli Himself says:

Loving the background you have on this, dont know if this was the intention but it really helped me to keep focused. Good explanation!

Sargassum sagaz says:

+Wild Academy I just make it to the end in 7 days. Very well done. I never programmed before and in my first contact trough your tutorials was exciting and couldn’t stop watching.

Excuse my english.

biscoito1r says:

This what I came out with 🙂
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
puts ‘What is the initial number ?’
numbe = gets.to_i
while (numbe > 0)

if ((numbe % 3 == 0) && (numbe % 5 == 0))
puts “FizzBuzz”
elsif (numbe % 3 == 0)
puts “Fizz”
elsif (numbe % 5 == 0)
puts “Buzz”
puts numbe
numbe -= 1

Ashley Elder says:

I like how you consolidated the code so the divisor is 15 rather than both 3 and 5.

noblegaijin says:

A slightly simpler implementation would be:
(1..60).each do |num|
fizzRule = num % 3 == 0
buzzRule = num % 5 == 0
fizzBuzzRule = fizzRule && buzzRule
puts “FizzBuzz” if fizzBuzzRule
puts “Fizz” if fizzRule && !fizzBuzzRule
puts “Buzz” if buzzRule && !fizzBuzzRule
puts num if !fizzBuzzRule && !buzzRule && !fizzRule

Joe Henriod says:

Made it to the end!

Thanks for the series. Background music was very relaxing in the last one.

Martin Safar says:

+Also any recommendations about what other languages / things to start learning? And what should I focus on after watching these 36 videos? (what to do now to progress and learn more / what to learn – getting Ruby book or starting something new while waiting for videos – would love any ideas 🙂

Marco Carmona says:


TheDerpCard says:

hey Jake why not teach us how to apply textures I would like to know so i can make things

Sonya Corcoran says:

Love it!!! Thank you esp. for refactoring too…

Troy Bradshaw says:

We actually had to program something really similar in my CS course in C++. Great video!

ZehRhayader -_- says:

Jake teach us more pls :3

Vichhai Kan says:

Do you have Ruby on Rails tutorial?

Tien Nguyen says:

please we need more !!!

brian zulu says:

am being greatly assisted. all the way from zimbabwe

Niresh Manandhar says:

finally last episode wow… man

Seth Hoffmann says:

Curious = “We Want More”
print Curious

Martin Safar says:

Hey there, I have a question – not sure if there’s an actual answer but I was just wondering what % of what we need to know have we covered after seeing all of these videos. 0% = seing it for the first time and 100% = being able to get a job 🙂 Thank you for any thoughts 🙂 really appreciate your videos!

noal900 says:

Made it all the way through, thank you so much. I’ve had trouble with programming for a while now and your methods seemed to work.

Straitoil says:

Great video!

IJB says:

Oh my goodness, lover your tutorials!! Especially the ones that addressed class, instance variables and global variable…even though my understanding of instance variable is a bit shaky…but i finally i understood the initialize method and the instantiation of the objects. Thank you soo much!!!! Can i get a link to your book…pleeeeease!!!! Pretty pleeease!!! Thanks

Raquel Travincas says:

Thank you so much, it was a really great serie of tutorials, you are awesome!!

Shaig Khaligli says:

Very helpful tutorial series, thanks!

Jay Rosenberg says:

WE need to get Sketchup to let down their hair, and give comprehensive videos how the a SKetchup functions are done, in battle, in ruby. Not just a simplistic few lines showing a basic but none of the warts. And build a library. Have not seen offset. Or videos showing how to program some of their examples, from beginning to end. THe fact that its a sticky CAD is great, but …

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