Ruby Programming – 9 – More on Hashes

We’re going to revisit hashes today. We’re going to use the gets.chomp method to take user inputs and put them into our hash.



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Andy Chen says:

lol. 4 children at 22. Tough and rough!

Howard San says:

Hi Jake, Your videos are brilliant and helping me a lot. I was wondering and I hope this isn’t to much of a silly question. When you are cleaning the code up, deleting bits, how do you know what parts are ok to delete. 

Giovanni Pascucci says:

Why did a Robot of 100 years old had 100 children!!!?? Hahaha it was an amazing robot!!

vickeeevick says:

Keep up the great work!

kelvin chege says:

u can cd to the directory that has ruby files and from the command line, typing the file name, eg, whoareyou.rb n hitting enter the ruby file runs.

Liu Chang says:

I’m at chapter 6 right now,beginner level 🙂 love your video

Atal Safi says:

Great video! I searched a lot but finally found this best video on ruby. thanks Jake!

Michael Karouzos says:

when i use the facebook_knows_all hash, it comes back as this form instead of the form it produced for you-


i checked to make sure we have the same code. i’m using terminal on a mac. is that what’s causing the difference? thanks!

SoFukinDope24 says:

Why are you using puts instead of print??

Trent Boswell-Wakefield says:

I’ve been looking at some other videos and people are suggesting to use rails. am i still on the right track?

Naveen Kumar says:

can you help me with below hashes, not sure where i am going wrong, i am using rhel 6.7

#cat hash5.rb
puts “what is your first name”
first_name = gets.chomp

puts “what is your last name”
last_name = gets.chomp

h_all =
h_all[“first_name”] = first_name
h_all[“last_name”] = last_name
puts h_all

######## below is the output
ruby hash5.rb
what is your first name
what is your last name

Rico Ferdian Alexander says:

I love this tutorial so much, with your joke about 21 male whom have 4 children, and even a RO0BOT…, what just I said ?.. Robot, what ? a ROBOOT, RObot Robot Robot !! uh-huh.. Spoookyy ~__~a RELAAXX !!!
Ahahah this is so fun ^___^
Thanks Mr Robot, I mean Mr Jacob, haha just kidding, don’t mad please :p..

Kevin Bender says:

Hey Jake! quick question. I’m following along with your lessons exactly, but through At the end of the lesson the console of did not display “you_age #> 14” it just said “your_age14”  Is this an error I need to worry about? Or can I move on from there? Thank you so much for these tutorials! they’re great!

TheDerpCard says:

thank you.


Wait, you have 100 kids? How many times did you do it with your wife?


Jake Day Williams says:
vickeeevick says:

First off love the tutorials so far on Ruby. I am thinking about buying your book. 2nd, “4 kids at 21” added some comedic relief; I was cracking up. 3rd, I know no one in my life that does coding. I Literally just met one person over the weekend that works with .net coding. He was insinuating that ruby is for “beginners not much you can do with it yet, it has a long way to go” Any quick thoughts? I am loving ruby so far.

Rex Ferrari says:

Hey guys it jake …… from state farm lol.
Serious question, does the gets.chomp initiate the asking of the question?

Antuan Claude says:

Its times like this I took the time to learn java script and json.

ArabDream says:

how do you export this data that i retrieved and save it in a separate file such as an excel file is that even possible? 

Liu Chang says:

Yes. This is my first language . I live in Bay Area and trying to get coding job. Right now I’m preparing ruby language. I also applied app academy in SF hope I could get in the program . Thx again for the sharing:)

Husam M. ALFarra says:

we need course on ROR if you can please

Danielle says:

a hundred and elevendy 😀

Baye Station says:

Hey jake im using the newer version of ruby, how would i do this with the newer style of ruby’s hash

facebook_knows_all = {
first_name: ” “,
age: ” “,

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