Ruby Programming

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Get Input 1:47
Arithmetic 3:11
Integers 3:24
Floats 3:42
Constants 5:23
Basic File I/O 5:52
Load Ruby File 6:56
Multiline Comment 7:27
If Elsif Else 7:42
Comparison Operators 8:45
Logical Operators 8:59
Unless 10:19
Case 10:58
Ternary Operator 12:14
Loop Next Break 12:19
While 14:21
Until 15:09
For Loops 15:48
Each 16:40
Functions 17:54
Exception Handling 19:28
Strings 21:47
Chop Chomp 27:45
Class Objects 29:29
Inheritance 33:19
Modules 34:23
Polymorphism 38:20
Symbols 40:11
Arrays 41:26
Hashes 45:43
Enumerables 49:21
File I/O 52:05


Bjørn Egil Hansen says:

Excellent intro to Ruby for an experience programmer. Only thing I think should be improved is the part on polymorphism, which is a strange mix of inheritance, method overloading and duck typing

Gabe Newell says:

how many languages do he know?????
i have been downloading tutorial (on video tutorials) and have almost downloaded videos only from him. except sql

Error inscript says:

You lost me at 2 minutes. I am confused now. I thought it was easy lol.

Azeez Olaniran says:

Between 10:30 and 10:44 in the video, when you tried explain ‘unless’, you called the symbol ‘>” less than. That was a bit confusing.

Differential Equations says:

I’m pretty familiar with Java so the change in syntax is pretty adaptable for me

Tyrone Thomas-Wesley says:

Just video help me with a project for school. thanks.

wilroth2403 says:

what theme are you using?

Death of a Sellout says:

Nothing about procs or lambdas?

Playonmob says:

Big like from me a php developer.

Shivangi Patel says:

thank you for this video. It is very useful for me and it is so simple to understand ruby….. thank you once again..

tscheetsch says:

Your videos are great for whetting the appetite or reinforcing concepts. I love the speed and density of information. Most excellent.

Sito Demmers says:

Ladies en Gentlemen, learn Ruby in 10 (or less) hours. Just watch this video 10 times! :-))

Brody Drake says:

Just learning to code. Any tips?


Moving way too fast. Must be for intermediate users.

Pronoy Gomes says:

Wow that was a lot of information to grasp in 55.5 minutes. Thanks a lot.

Sahil Rally says:

Fantastic Voice and Content ! Cheers ! 🙂

Phaus Lex says:

creo que este video tutorial es mejor que el tutorial de codigo facilito ruby

Julio Pacheco says:

Great video, earned my sub.
One question, can you use the “next unless” inside a for cycle?

Reza Fouladi says:

you skip a lot of thing !! 😀

1001Reddy says:

Derek, you’re an ace!

Up4lIFe says:

Really interesting video!

Gonzalo G says:

Excellent! Thank you!

Ben Cradick says:

Me: He’s writing a function called act_smart.
Derek:*writes return*
Me:He’s gunna write E=mc^2, isn’t he.
Derek:*Writes E=mc^2*
Me: *face palm*

Jun Tan says:

why you need to add an “exit” to the end of the when clause?

ik0 gaming says:

what’s a string?

Brandon B. says:

I, coming from quite a few other languages, find this one of the most refreshing videos about syntax of a language, on all of youtube.

I know other comments have said ‘too fast’ or whatever, I disagree. If you are a person who thinks this is too fast, and we were all there at one time or another, you really need to learn programming (language agnostic) first, if it just so happens to be with Ruby or Python, or whatever language you choose, look at the intro documentation on that language – it is better than any video will ever be for you.

I came to this video hoping to get a decent syntax overview, and that is exactly what Derek Banas did, and he did it quickly. If I am in the middle of creating an app – I can open up the documentation for what I am doing at that time, however, I was looking for a quick syntax overview and this is/was pretty awesome!


Andrew Koidan says:

I just don’t get the thing with Polymorphism. Shouldn’t it look something like this? ( You can call tweet method from bird (same as outside of bird) and ruby detects implementation automatically.

class Bird
def make_a_noise
def tweet
raise ‘not implemented’

class Parrot < Bird def tweet puts 'Squawk' end end class Cardinal < Bird def tweet puts 'Tweet tweet' end end p = p.make_a_noise

Strategiusz says:

I’m watching this with 0.75 speed.

Up4lIFe says:

So I rly like ruby, but what is it actually used for ( without rails )?

Artur Modesto says:

Really really good, congrats bro!

Abhishek Sharma says:

you are amazing Derek!

Mark Campbell says:

man your tutorials suck, you just going so fast thinking we can keep up, you are coming from your point of view of already knowing ruby, but we don’t know ruby

RK CST says:

Excellent, as usual.

writeorwrong88 says:

You prob already know this, but you said statically typed at 38:50 when you appear to mean dynamically typed.

John John says:

Exactly what i needed! Thank you very much @Derek Banas

ElGatoRosa says:

The explanation is pretty good for beginners as me. It’s not easy to follow but the fast pace is appreciated. One can always go back and repeat the segment. There’s one thing I don’t get tough: how would you use enumerables to pick values from an array?

Mehrdad Jafari Giv says:

Great tutorial. I have one question though about File I/O. in 54min when you want to iterate over all the lines of the file why do you have to define a record and a line? Are they not the same thing?

Mohammad Rezai says:

just earned my subscription by skipping the boring installation part…. keep up Derek (y)

Jun Tan says:

the code in 6:56, why you need to add a .to_s at the end of the line 3?

A. N. says:

Nice video feels very streamlined and rehearsed.

Vinod Chapre says:

very well explained. Thank you Derek Banas

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