Ruby Tutorial – Ruby Object Oriented Programming Basics

Ruby Tutorial for beginners about the fundamentals of object oriented programming. This Ruby tutorial will assume you have never encounter OOP and will give you the basics that you need to know abut Ruby object orientation. This Ruby tutorial will cover the difference between Objects and Classes. This Ruby tutorial shows you how classes are blueprints, and how objects are specific versions of the class.

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smbridge says:


“Hey Bud, I would suggest not offering suggestions unless warranted.”

And yet, here you are.

I’m really glad it made ‘perfect sense’ to you. It didn’t to me. I liked his style… just wanted some more depth, if he was willing to share it. Are you his defensive sister?

joey k says:

DAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM you explained that good. Now i can read ruby syntax better. Just looked at some code. So much clearer now. 

ari poya says:

nice info YAY…go ahead

vanearochi says:

Thank you for this video. Now I understand perfectly the concept. 🙂

michaeldimmickjr says:

Nice video- it made perfect sense!

michaeldimmickjr says:

Hey Bud, I would suggest not offering suggestions unless warranted. Maybe for reasons that are absolutely none of your business, he can’t give 50 examples for every single Object Oriented Programming concept. Maybe he’s just trying to “spark” an idea in people to give them something to chew on AND so they can do some of their own legwork instead of expecting to be spoon-fed. If anyone watching this does not understand the acceleration- they sir, are morons. Appreciate the effort? Idiot.

BlastOffLab says:

Glad you enjoyed it, not my best art work =D. There will more on the way

smbridge says:

Hey Pal, I’d suggest already having maybe a half a dozen different examples for classes, a half dozen for methods, a half dozen for properties… to really give some ideas to chew on to the viewer. Continually struggling with ‘acceleration’ gets sort of confusing rather rapidly.

Best of luck! Appreciate the effort.

Sampath Kotesh says:

Made very easy to understand. Thank you

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