Why Learn Ruby in 2018

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JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

ES6 Javascript

Learn React

Angular 4 the complete guide

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Ralf Hema says:

Joe I wanna thank you for this Ammaaaaaaaaaaazing video.
I wanna add a couple of other benefits to learning –RUBY—.
1. You can develop Native Mobile application (Android and IOS) through RUBYMOTION.
2. You can use Ruby in the browser through Opal instead of writing Vanilla JS, ….. Opal is a Ruby to JavaScript source-to-source compiler.
Looking forward to more Ruby videos.

Winter Eh says:

I enjoyed the Ruby on Rails workflow and was hoping it wouldn’t die out

Joe Oviedo says:

Yep. Half of the new jobs opportunities are never listed or published.

Andrey Larionov says:

спасибо, красавчик, отличное видео !!!

ciccotti23 says:

stoked about this, been learning Ruby for awhile and really enjoying it

CodingPhase says:

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Ben Smith says:

I just started learning Ruby on Rails about a month ago. If anyone is looking to learn I recommend The complete Ruby on Rails developer course by mashurar hossain

David Basil says:

Wtf, you did say that rails is not for beginners and they should learn php instead. Now you glorify rails, are you trying to push a course or something?

Samuel Rhoads says:

Love Ruby on rails

Jeremias Enriquez says:

I started learning Ruby some few weeks ago, thanks for the advice…

D. M. Cook says:

Great advice! Thanks, bro!

Skeleton says:

I’m gonna take your PHP course on your website Joe, but do you or anyone else know where to specifically learn how to do WordPress development for beginners(themes, plugins, etc)? I need a list of resources whether that be books, courses or videos.

My business says:

hey!! i am Bharat from Nepal. The video is really interesting .can you give me your contact , email.please

B100DYH311 says:

Ruby course sounds awesome but i saw somewhere the language is dying??

yevgeniy litvinov says:

express and angular.js are dying …. not angular or angular 2 though

busyrand says:

Okay… Had to pause this around the 2 minute mark and comment… That is the most straightforward concise benefits analysis I’ve ever heard on Ruby/Rails… The things you menttioned are major selling points of learning PHP Frameworks. That, plus it’s straightforward to write… And it has a niche of followers who already built their company projects on it, and will need services in the future… Say no more. Sold. Looking forward to the course.

wenhao dong says:

Coming from java c++ , ruby is so easy and in the same time weird.

William Shakespeare says:

Just started learning Ruby as a precursor to Ruby on Rails. So far it is everything that was promised.

MaxDeveloper says:

Ruby for web development – hell no, but for linux system administration – hell yeah.



Emmanuel says:

Ruby was the second programming language I learned. It’s a truly beautiful language.

Tonio B says:

Hey how come you didn’t mention crystal? Before watching this video I was sure that you would. I heard lots of people say ruby is dying? I could be wrong but I thought that you also said something like that on your videos about crystal? Did you change your views on crystal?

Charles says:

Lol I’m like wow that’s seems more easy then dealing with the JavaScript foundations. Joe did you get my last question about the udemy course. This one. https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-web-developer-in-2018/

Naga Krushna Y says:

So far Rails community is bigger than Django.

Rails Automation makes things simple.

Learn both Rails & Django

Alchemist Camp says:

Yep. Rails is a super productive stack that makes a ton of sense for a new startup.

Emmanuel Adekunle says:

pizza gang

Ronald Fulton says:

I want a remote job, and most jobs i see are ruby on rails. You don’t need to convince me, if you’re creating a ruby course I’ll be the first to sign up lol.

Arthur Stark says:


Dan Ellis says:

Ruby peaked in 2005 and its popularity dropped significantly over the next three years. It’s been dwindling ever since. There are Ruby jobs out there maintaining legacy codebases, and the pay isn’t bad, but if you’re looking for high-paying jobs with growth potential (at least in the US) you should be looking at languages like Go and Scala (according to the 2017 Stack Overflow developer survey: https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2017#top-paying-technologies ).

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