Why Should You Learn Ruby?

Learn Ruby at Treehouse: https://trhou.se/learnRuby

Ruby is a dynamic, object-oriented, general purpose programming language designed for productivity and fun. The designers of the Ruby language chose to make things simpler and more pleasant for the programmer.

Because Ruby was designed to be simple and comprehensible, it can be a pleasure to use. If you compare Ruby to Java, you’ll see that when you work in Ruby, lists sort themselves, strings of text can capitalize themselves, numbers can round themselves, and much more!


Andyson says:

man, classic one. Everybody compares high-level programming languages against java with the “Hello World” style xD

Sami Assasa says:

Writing “Hello, world!” Is not the greatest way to make others believe that they should learn Ruby. I believe that introducing practical stuff is better, for example GUI.

code01 says:

Why should I choose ruby over python?

Helgan says:

Just go with python

ed oc says:

Does this video has little soundtrack? Or am I stupid? Can you give me music of that name or something?

Ananthu Hari says:

How do you create a workspace like that?

Tamim A.I.R says:

I know java really well and ruby
I think java is better than ruby
because java is more flexible
if you learn java you can make
android apps, web apps and
GUI but if you learn ruby you
can make web apps and maybe
GUI. One more thing gmail is
powered by java so is the teamtreehouse

Jason Jones says:

All languages have there place.

Dave Evans says:

Next video – Why should you learn all the programming languages ?

Gullu Rajput says:

But Ruby is dead for companies

avik mandal says:

What about python? It also have those advantages, then why ruby over python?

Mr. John says:

Is Ruby still a thing? Ruby seems to be dead

MoTech says:

You’re basically describing all scripting languages, not just Ruby

Zealous Programmer says:

Awesome video thank you very much, One of the most aspect of Ruby everyone envy it, Why? Marz the creator is the greatest language designer he added in Ruby all the higher funcs That Java 8/9, Python and ES6 are stealing today since its birth from 1995 map, reduce, filter, lambda and much – one of the enigma I can’t understand why Java, Python and JS are so popular while Ruby is overlooked when when Ruby already had these functionalities out of the box?

W P says:

Go with Python, it’s such a versatile language. [Scripting, Web Development, Data Analysis, Software Development]

Pushkar Thakur says:

Is there any book for Ruby…?

TapTapGo says:

I will choose python over ruby,,,,lol,,ruby is long dead

Robo Asshole says:

What about Python ?

Wadi Zooz says:

Ruby == Python

Ayushman PraXri says:

I’ll choose c++ over ruby

TheCoffeeAddictedWriter says:

It’s wayyyy too easy to pick on Java. Ya know? AND the Hello World routine is dead. You’re pretty much telling newcomers to judge a book by its cover.

Pick a Lang based on what you look to achieve. There are so many factors that come into play once you actually research and NOT LISTEN TO THOSE WHO TRY TO CONVINCE YOU THAT ONE LANG IS BETTER THAN ANOTHER. Put in the work and define what you want out of a language. The beauty is that there are lots of options so you will find what suits YOUR NEEDS better. Ruby and Rails are both fading fast. It was a hipster Lang of sorts. Everyone ran to it because they saw the crowd headed that way. Nothing takes the place of hard work and research folks.

Otto von Bismarck says:

No one hires ruby developers.

Thumb IKR - Programming Examples says:

Very good ruby tutorial for fresher like me… 🙂

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