Advanced Scratch Tutorials Ep. 1

Final product of the video:

The first episode of Advanced Scratch Tutorials. Let me know what you guys think! 😀

Main video content: PullJosh –
Intro video: Haudio –
Outro image: PullJosh –
Intro music: “Bamboo” by Makeacid –
Outro music: “Dreamland” by Makeacid –


Elextrion gaming says:

sorry,but that’s not advanced at all !

Standard ­Toaster says:

Finally! 😀 And also, I agree with Crafted Fire, you should try OBS. 🙂

fishingboatproceeded says:

is this going to be continued?

Aragon Buckle says:

5:23 what does it say in the green block

davina avril yan says:

good job i hope you make topview


my psedo in scratch is Numero7, for look my project 🙂

Darren Chan says:

I’ve seen one of your games on scratch I like the elf run very fun

Nick Bourbonnais says:

Please do another tutorial your the best at it please!!!

Finn Peters says:


Ddylan Sslingsby says:

my line is huge what have i done wrong?

Jihye Paik says:

Great job im trgt engineer on scratch

Frazled Fish says:

Please do more of this!!!


might as well add some “sample text” to compliment that bandicam xD

Filip Wojciechowski says:

I program on scratch but it’s not SO advanced. I like it!

Channan Lawson says:

When you going to make the next episode.

Big Bang Ben says:

Can you make an advanced tutorial on game making, like actual scratch game making, not saying this isn’t great, but i am making much more complicated things and scratch and I am sure others are too

xora says:

I really like this idea of a game? Would you mind if I made the full finished version before all the tutorials come out?

SacBoy 21 says:

1 new sub

Michael Mao - Ingleborough PS (1491) says:

Have not seen the rest of the series.

Brendo: MCPE says:

Please make more videos!

CraftedFire says:

Maybe you should try OBS, if I remember correctly, it does not have a watermark.

Nikolay B says:


Esylus says:

where is so 2?

Zachary Griffin says:

When is the second one coming?

infiniTfootball says:

Glad to see that you got someone to do the intro!

Immortalzz says:

Once you get to 2:50 your basically done 😀

Aragon Buckle says:

make another

ZEN TANGO Oscar Wright says:

Can you help me….how can I address the participant by name, e.g., “Hi Fred, welcome to the quizz” at the end of the quizz (as well as the begining) i.e., “Fred you finished your first quizz”….

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