An Introduction to the Scratch Programming Language for Education

Provides an overview of the Scratch programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab. Describes where to download the program and how to create a very basic introductory application.


Val Moore says:

this is really cool

Soviet Bear says:

I don’t understand why anyone would rather learn this over Python, when python is just as easy as the old Basic languages. Which where developed to be easy enough for a 5th grader. Python would give some actual coding experience.

Donna Marks says:

I wish I’d seen this video before a scratch class two days ago. It would have saved loads of time.

Joey Rix says:

if you set the repeat to 30 it does that in one click

georgiajams says:

Cool. Reminds me of logo from back in the day

James Xu says:


Dave Birchall says:

Thanks for this.This could be just what I am looking for to introduce my 8yr old to coding.

Raven Singularity says:

I would recommend passing your voice recording through a noise-reduction filter, there is quite a lot of hissing.

Nonstopchipeater says:


Chiraq Savage says:

lol scratch isnt coding LOL learn c++ skid

Fluttersong ☆ says:

Five years later, and students who want to code are still forced to learn scratch.

Super Mayro says:

I only know Batch programming. And a tiny weeny bit of Python, python is a VERY powerful coding and hacking language.

sean zhao says:

Pretty good!

Green Shadow says:


Clashing with Steven says:

We use this at my school

Retro Jay says:

Before you youre supposed to download

J.T. says:

scratch is fun tbh

terri fourshoes says:

A program to make ordinary IQ people think thy can program. Lol. Using Photoshop is more complex than this. It is not programming by any measure.

Kiara Vargas says:

This video is helping me with my exam!. My lecture said for our exam and to have a little fun creating a game its fun!. Loving this program and this video..

keith holden says:

Oh great a slow remote control

warejax101 says:

Feel free to take a look at this and see how it works!

Romen Hasha Dube says:

It does not matter whether it is programming or not. The kids I had the honor to introduce it to and teach, enjoyed it. I could see it on their faces. That is all that should matter. Most of them are not even interested to take programming as a career. They had a good time working with each other, trying to figure out how to do what, getting it done and having fun. It is very doubtful, within the same period, they could get the same experience, using the likes of Java, Ruby, Python.

VPR says:

The only reason I’m watching this is because my teacher in school told me to as my homework.

P.s it’s boring

arden308 says:

I do dis

Subhajit Kar says:

please add some more videos about scratch programming….


em breve survivalcraft nova versão de 1.30! nova pais, nova matero, nova massa de pintar e muito mais!!!!!!!!!!!

Green Shadow says:


Flash Man says:

How is this better than Squeak?

Caleb Bendolph says:

I thought it was very very very good

? says:

I feel more stupid from watching this.

xd memes says:



This is awesome! 🙂 This is literally the best thing ever! 🙂 I used to know nothing about Scratch (I knew about though) but now it looks AWESOME! 😀

KingGaming says:

Can u help me program a a sprite controlled automatically I have a set up already but I need help with the automation if u have time to help me and u r able to help me can we skype thx

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