Basketball – Invent with Scratch 2.0 Screencast

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With MIT’s Scratch 2.0 programming environment, Al demonstrates a simple basketball shooting game.

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Nicholas Olivia says:

To create a clone when flag clicked forever create clone of myshelf

mariam alameri says:


Joker HD says:

what the next cosstume for

Karim Mourad says:

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Helpful! Thanks very much!

Ultimate Gamer says:

he said 4 2 and 0 420!?!?

Bob says:

I found this video very helpfull thanks!

jeruld ablang says:

why mine is not working

Lalo Palo says:


Karim Mourad says:

Can you teach me how to do a High Score and make it a Cloud Game?

Liam Joseph says:

I’am going to get scratch because it’s free .
I’am going to get scratch because it’s free.

Jasmin Wolfhard says:

when my ball is on that thing it doesnt say swoosh to me, even if i did exactly like you?

Samuel cool says:

2:24 i remixed it so it does that link to that project:

Anniek S. says:

My ‘hoop centre’ isn’t in the centre of the hoop, but somewhere else, i did exactly what the video says.. Can anyone explain what to do?

A.R.M.Y Trần says:

Wonderful video with step-by-step! But can I ask, how can you record screen video? Please give me an advice. But first thank you for giving me this brilliant idea on Scratch !

Eyas Mass says:

invonty how are you

Minecraft-Master: Games And More says:

The ball shoots in only 1 arch which is to the right

Ria G says:

This is really cool!

ivan gajšek says:

nemas pojma moj baba je bolja

Jahleshia Clarke says:

thanks so much got an A+ for tech your a life saver xxxxxxxxxxx love you

Fifi O'Neil says:

01:20 Upside down!! XD

ian poon says:

You should make clear videos. Otherwise nobody can see what you are doing.

_Cebinsh _ says:

I learned most of scratch the scientist way, and there’s always that moment when you see a scratch video with something ENTIRELY different than what your doing, yet your like “OOOOOOHHH. I could of done so many things more efficiently that way…”

The Flipping Sisters says:

So cool!! I subscribed your awesome thanks

Eyas Mass says:

hi blank

King Lion says:

when i do it i press the top button it do’sent jump

Keisha Leisha says:

Thx so so much!!

Crunchy KitKat says:

So for the basketball, I copied exactly what you inbdicated/did. But when I tested the ball, it would go very slowly and bounce on the wall. After the ball reaches the ground, it would then go the the cat. I don’t get what I did wrong.

The Flipping Sisters says:

I never understanded but now I do!!

matilda ndreka says:

how to save

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