Cat chasing mouse game – Scratch Absolute Beginner Game

This is the very first mini game I teach my students. Can easily be completed in a 50 minute lesson.

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Origami Kid :D says:

i’ve made lab experiment

Myra Urot says:

Advise for you all:
In the code that says “Eek!”, replace the other code with an if else statements thats like this:

[][If touching (Cat2)^ then]
[][say (Eek!)]
[][say () for 0.00000000000001 secs]

NomadicallyDigital says:

Very easy to understand and so helpful! I am going to check out more of your tutorials so I can figure out how to make this into a Maths game for children.

Bruce Boughton says:

This is a perrrrfect starter project!! Well done, Cheers!

Milje Jensen Pagmert says:

it i’sent a game

Mitchell McCoy says:

you got this from a book called “Code Your Own Games, 20 games to create with with scratch”

Aruna Sherpa says:

Thanks for the video!

Mohammed Asghar says:

this one is easy

JuJu Belle says:

You can make it funner by adding a variable. Add variable called “deaths”. Then add to the “when mouse/cat touched by mouse/cat” “Add point to variable.” It makes it more of a game!

alantic craft says:

whats up (/0o0)/

ConnorConnor says:

Made a game where: “the cat chases the mouse, (mouse follows your mouse) and if it gets caught, it stops” in 70 secs.

challenges for kids says:


James Suber says:

learnn learn i love your videos

Gaming Void says:

Not bad, LL, not bad

Bader Alamdar says:

helped me alot! Your videos are great and easy to learn from! Thanks

Educating Drivers Channel says:

I just found this today. This is hypercard, but simplified, these blocks were what I had to type in manually. Now they’re just Legos that you snap together. Brilliant

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