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Dondi Alentajan says:

You are making me cringe.: p

Homer Simpson says:

I did this then added a secret button that you press to get unlimited points and mass

Iluvoreoz says:

The clones are following me. Help?? ….And now they won’t show….? And my ball gets huge…

The snake lover says:

u forgot the splitting part.

1.go to costumes and create new one.draw 2 circles and make them smaller
2. drag out when green flag clicked and get forever loop.Put if ……..then inside it.Go to sensing.
3.drag out key space pressed .Then get switch costume to costume 2.DONE

triio Gaming says:

okay. clap* clap* it’s good i guess but i just created the joy of creation reborn and call of duty on scratch

Dummschueler says:


NameEqualsMutant says:


The snake lover says:

how do u make the rest of the cells

Mai Baunstrup says:

You sould not increse the size on the agario player, but the graphPaper

RetroBuster says:

How can dots spawn when they are’nt in my feild of view. And also, when a dot touches the edge, the screen drags it along. And also, how do you make it so that the background gets smaller when you get bigger?

Hshhshwka Bshshhw says:

Who’s doing it for there school?

Luig i says:


fidget spiner says:


channan Lawson says:

I can’t find the right graph paper

BewaBowy27 says:

do more toutorials

Java Programming says:

Damn this is a great way for beginners to get into programming and actually have fun with it! 😀

AYMEN DZ says:


Lori Izzi says:

Thanks this helped a lot.I added a lot more, if you want to see look up FIGHT8008 on scratch

Daniel Coenen says:

Hey cool video but i have some tips…

1. As the sprite grows make the background zoom out

2. If food hits edge delete food

3. Create AI enemys

spint01 says:

when you get the the end of the graph paper then it looks weird

TheTacoSniper says:

An actual teacher that knows how to. Intrigue kids this is o g

Pranksta Gangsta says:

This is AMAZING!

channan Lawson says:


DabbingMadman says:

can u guys also tell me how to put ur intro in front of your games? thanks!

myfavgamesxD says:

what about zooming out??

Blake Jahani-Welch says:

Best viedo ever i made a score level and timer!

Вадим Грозов says:

THANKSY! HAVE AAAA FABUFUL DAY! But I don’t like is food follows you xD and I did a mass decay

Malolos Mapping says:

how do we add players?????



DiamondTurtle says:

Just make the background bigger by setting it to 800% on the one you want.
You don’t have to have 2 backdrops

spint01 says:

so how do you make the grean things that you can hide behind?

Luig i says:

uin scrach

Nguyễn Thế Khải says:


adriel001 says:

im making a io game on scratch subscribe to my channel and wait until i make a video about it

OJL Gaming and more says:

how do u make costume 1 into a sprite not a backdrop?

donny ferns says:


spint01 says:

yay i did it thank you sooo much you helped me a lot best video ever<3<3<3<3<3<3

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