Maze – Invent with Scratch 2.0 Screencast

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With MIT’s Scratch 2.0 programming environment, Al demonstrates a small maze game.

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Andrew Law says:

cool, very clear and concise!

Poonam Das says:

these games are awesome! 🙂

Enginehead gaming says:

it dont work

DARKSHAD0W123 7 says:

hope u destroyed that pussy 😀

Sebastian Gut says:

nice love it

Kotoshi Futanari says:

Please check out my first scratch project and tell me what you think of it…

Jane Alexandrov says:


Cameron Anderson says:


Del Piero Gutierrez says:

El vídeo estuvo vacan pero tu foto me deprimió Por eso de doy tu like jajaja xD

Cameron Anderson says:


Smartgamertag Cartoon Drawings says:

Hey blank editor do you want to see projects from scratch

AntifasoloHD says:

M8 i really enjoyed your tutorial, keep it up!

QuickBakes says:

Can you do a video on lighting? like a campfire woud make some light 😀

John Baldwin says:

My grand-daughter loves mazes. She’ll love this one. Made a slight modification. To make it easier for the cat to move, increase the ‘bounce’ to 5 instead of 4. Found that the cat tends to cling to the maze wall and thereby move a little slower. To reduce cheating, I just extended the wall around the cat at the start. Looking forward to more…

usmaan hassan says:

how do u make it go to the next level if u want levels

Shane Dooley says:

awesome very helpful. could you maybe do a really advanced game just to show how much we can actually do on scratch please an thanks. as you said at the end same goes for you don’t stop. love ur videos

ThiagoValentin ClashRoyale says:

Thank you very much!

Ashley Sanchez says:

you should look at my project and how i did well :))))))))))

김수현 says:

wow !!!

Tina Tota says:

its good and goooood

Milo Johnson says:

I think the forever block looks like a mouth.

Robert Swift says:

The program doesn’t always let me select that duplicate function the way you did.

Bluegummy lps 2 says:

doesnt work 2016

gamerstudiolv :D says:

Thank tou 4 this video

Chrisvlogs g says:

are any of you guys going to the competition

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