Programming tutorial | How to make a first person game in Scratch (raycaster)

This is a programming tutorial for the popular programming software – Scratch. Today I will teach you how to make a raycaster!

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Chowvie Gaming CM2⃣0⃣0⃣ says:

THIS DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

snowbabe181 says:

that clever

Gerrit Harnischmacher says:

Really cool you have to make a little game like this

TedNeeTed says:

the color of the walls mess up for me. Well, the color is good, but the shadows are weird and totally messed up. Is that cause of the new updates?

Severno says:

Thank you! This still works!

Alen Golla says:

the blue 3d thing is moving by it’s self

Jak O LeBurn says:

It seems to be working but certain areas of my map freezes the game! What do I do?

mr. potato says:

awesome intro dude

Mr. E says:

OMG i tride it and it worked thank you

tin tim says:

It doesnt work

Skywise says:

Thanks for your help Karatemario this was a really good video

Clem Demort says:

ok fixed it y n direction were failng

Pioneer Doggo says:


JoJoke-a-Macintosh says:

Nice code, mine looks as expected, with a background change to make the illusion of a floor and ceiling, but mine’s a lag mess, not nearly as fast as yours. What am I missing or screwing up?

mr. potato says:

there is a problem the map keeps on moving and i cant move

MCGamer123 //PlayzMc says:

Thanks for the “help”

Core Sunshield says:

how does this work and im going to make an FPS out of this

Jez Hollinshead says:

Dose not work

Tomiprime says:

Your video hekped me a lot for my games

TreeOwl says:

Good but the microphone you are using makes it hard to understand what you are trying to say…

CowStone says:

This is a beautiful tutorial. Truly amazing. Me and my friend are making a 3D Star Wars shooter, but his engine honestly looked like crap. Imagine yours, except pulsing the colors like electricity moving along and weird, thick, black lines in between the pulsing wall colors. And the tops of the wall were bumpy. Very bumpy. But in function, his build has the same problem as yours: You can walk through the walls. But other than that, this is an incredible build. The collisions are the only issue, and it’s not even that big. No one will notice, anyway. Basically, good job!

moon batchelder says:

Thx, very helpful.

Clem Demort says:


joshua lincoln says:

it did not work ):<

WannaBeBrody says:

10:36 I only see a bunch of lines

Casy Adjei says:


Cup Of Tae says:

Can you make one where you have to go through rooms? (First person)

Chris Frizzell says:

I can barely understand you, but i only got up to the stand thing tho in your video

DustyDraws says:

Thank you for the tut!!!

DerpbushPurple 64 says:

Is 2018 scratch different?

tin tim says:

I did everything

GameNow90 says:

nice intro

Cooper_playz says:

Not Working

Torkel Gamer says:

it workd exept i cant move around help!

TheCorrupted Pineapple says:

I just have a green line across my game…


Clem Demort says:

why is rhe litle cube always getting down a 180 when it should be at 0

danny1ef2 says:

Awesome tutorial! The raycasting worked, but one thing. When I play the map, I see the walls but I can also see the level I drew on my screen still.

Recordable 2000 says:

How to make walls not green?

Team Batman137 productions says:

I followed the instructions to the letter and it keeps spawning me outside the map, what do I do

Hell Forj says:

Nothing appears on mine. Do you know why?

Pioneer Doggo says:

It didn’t work for me WAAAAAAAAAAA :'(]

Killergaming says:

i already placed the x,y,direction variables before you mentioned it 😀

Braphinosaurus says:

It’s not working!

CSgampain says:

okay, so i did everything that you did with the programming, but after it all when i got in the map it showed all of the turns or corners really buggy, any ideas on how to fix it?

Reuben Tagg says:

scratch is a program were you can program programs

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