Scratch – Dodge the ball – Easy Game Tutorial.

A great beginner’s game where you try to dodge the falling ball!

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Laura Richards says:

You are the best of the best

sheila trant-mccarthy says:

I just wanna talk??????????

Vladimir Tayzhev says:

Awesome tutorial, can’t wait till I sit down make it with my 7 year old son :), thanks so much! keep it going!

Aviator_Matthxw says:

Dude this is great it helped me! 😀

Jeffrey Quaynor says:

Epic tutorial

Mari Summer says:

I have a problem that when i set lives to 0 it does not revert to the loose screen

TrashyPotato says:


LPS world of pugs says:

This helped me make a cool game in scratch thank you so much!!!

zakira crowther says:

whats your scratch name cuz i dont want to be like copping u if u know what i mean

Amy Dash says:

Thank you bro you saved me

Robert Alvarado says:

Great tutorial. This was very helpful, thank you 🙂

Benjamin Schroder says:

You are the best

Macie Goode says:

My does not work

Kaito KID says:

nice !! i love your videos 🙂
take a look on my video pls :

1979fordism says:

Awesome video mate!! So easy to learn and fun to play. Thank you so much!!

Χρήστος Ευαγγελίδης says:

I made it and Im very proud of it!! Thanks a lot!

Jack Weatherston says:

ball did not fall

That one german says:

thanks now i got a 4 yay thanks so much

nerowolf a says:

nice video this video really helped on on scratch keep up the good content

Sem Rietsnijder says:

Verrrrry gudddddd

melonbonbon says:

Nice :3

annabel amoah says:


[CM1A]-2017 Aurélie MAYER says:

Great learning, it helped a lot in the game

Happy Wasabi says:


jesee jesee says:

I’m a YouTube and I’m going to make a video of a Halloween game l found is adventure game it’s good

Jhove 78 says:

You really helped me with my school project. Please take a look at Super Mario Dodge on my scratch account: JuiceBox2017

zakira crowther says:

what if i used a crab?

chimchim PJ says:

the worst

Daffy_Vids says:

Thank you, this really helped me out alot thank you so much! God bless you!

Mari Summer says:

I have question I duplicated my code for the bananas that made a donut that would increase points , but the donut won’t go back to the top and I don’t understand why. Could you explain?

ahmed harizi says:

I tunisien thank you

Dude Perfect Junior Kids says:

I did coding club in my school and its going well

Some Kid says:

jk ;0 this helped me get an A on my project 🙂

Galaxyraider 456 says:


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