Scratch Flappy Bird Easy Game Tutorial

A beginner’s tutorial on how to create a Flappy Bird clone game. This easy tutorial is a great hour of code activity.

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ConnorConnor says:


1. Create a double-pipe sprite.
2. Set it to clone itself repeatedly, set the clone’s position to x: 240, y: pick random -140 to 140.
3. Create a player sprite.
4. Create a gravity variable that constantly increases, and when a click is detected, lower the gravity temporarily.
5. Create a title screen, a score variable, and you’re done!

Lina G says:


Lina G says:


Mahir Puri says:

Good game


next time plz explain more!!!

Mahir Puri says:

Please make a 2 player game on the theme kargil
means fighting of soldiers of India Pakistan
Please please make this same.
I have subscribed you also
You are my favourite.

Euca E says:

how’s flappy bee?

KGAMES says:

This is great! I subbed!!

FunDay Animation says:

good job!

Euca E says:

Maybe happy music.

TriforceAdmins - Gaming says:

What i did to have the bat go up is i went to backdrop and put “when stage clicked” “message: Go up” and in the Bat, “When I recieve: Go up” “change y by: 15” so the stage tells the bat to go up instead of that, i dont know which is better but you can experiment with it =D

Safiyyah Shafi says:

I love your tutorials they’re so useful and easy to follow up.

Ayubthecool says:

Can you make a video of how to make fortnite on scratch

Peter Oni says:

Thx 🙂
But I need help on putting the numbers together
Can u help me pls
By the way I subscribed to ur channel.

김민상 says:

Sub him now

Nehemiah Britt says:

How to make this flappy game better:
We all know that objects on Earth don’t fall at a fixed rate, they fall faster as they go.
To make this more realistic, you could make a variable called Y Velocity, then change the falling script to this:

set y velocity to 0
change y by (y velocity)
change y velocity by -0.5

Instead of changing y position by 15 when you click the mouse, you could set y velocity to 10

xmen the hero says:

Nice videos! thanks for the help. Make more videos!

Krishaan Singh says:


peter zhou says:

I can make a gravitational effect using only 1 variable! really easy!

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