Scratch Lesson 1 of 10

This is the video for Scratch Programming Lesson 1 from Shall We Learn. The video in this series is intended for parents/teachers of elementary school students or for the junior high students.
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Jessica Chiang says:

That is way cool. Hope you find it helpful.


Not a very understandable lesson

cenetor69 says:

@patto2go lol if your looking for somthing fun unreal unreal engine or valve hammer but if you wanna start off with some thing boring try scratch

alexandria_ says:

We watched this at school 🙂

UniqueXbullseye says:


Jeffrey Kalou says:


AmHiProductions says:

i spent about 3 hrs designing a character and don’t see the file anywhere now. i’m using a mac mini with the offline editor. any idea where the project file went?????

Ignas Lingė says:

Can you make a tutorial how to make a Doodle jump or something and send me the link pelase?

dairo castellanos says:

que estupido video

Calvin Fuss says:

This woman is moving so quick ffs slow down

TrendNation says:

Wow! Thank you so much!

Lazic B. says:

You can’t even imagine how I respect you because of this! I always wanted to make tutorial about programming for kids.

Zoyt says:

Scratch is as easy as mspaint 😛

Isa Izz says:

Thank you so much :))

Tristan Prekob says:

Doing this in school right now. Turn the damn pianno way down. Actually shut it all off i can’t hear you!.

RedEyedRocker says:

This is a good tutorial and you got a subscriber!

Andy Colyer says:

Why is this nasty comment necessary? Really? This video is really outstanding. And it’s free!

Abigail Smith says:

I don’t under stand, my scratch is so much different than this, does anyone know why??

lastnoel says:

Great video, helped get me started.

Gantz says:


Dragonite995 1 says:

very unprofessional video with the kid music in back ground

Gantz says:

nvm i didnt see the rest

Andrew Siegman says:

That was scratch 1.3

BlastFromYesterday says:

WOW! this is awesome! a kid at school is always talking about this, so I decided to download it. Thanks to you, I’m learning how to use Scratch. It’s amazing!

Thanks =]

Gazbby says:

song put me off

neil hubble says:

you mouth is to close to the mic

rachmoulder says:

omg, ive been on scratch for about 2yrs (im pretty good at scratch so idk y i clicked this) and this makes scratch look different, lol, they’ve changed alot since than!

Whysostupid? says:

This is what you sound like – ppsopp pppppyouplshhs pppwantppp pppsshh ppt pop to be an idiot? Mrs. To close to the mike your ugly ass voice hurts my ears

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