Scratch Snake Game Tutorial

In this beginner’s Scratch tutorial we show you how to make the classic phone game snake.

Full code blocks available to check your progress at:

Scratch Snake Game Tutorial


Julio Quintero says:

I have a BIG problem w/h my scripts!!!!!!!! (game:

63_academy says:

It’s possible to make a Qix type game on scratch? i really wanna do one c^~^c

galaxy gamez GG says:

Can anyone tell me how he copy and pastes at 3:58 ?

ConnorConnor says:

Now, this is tricky!
Make a block (player)
Make another block (apple)
Make an apple-to-player conversion script.
Make a script so that when player is touching another player block (but not itself), it gets pushed back and when the follow script is added, they form a neat line.
When the player’s first block hits the edge of the screen or another player block, game over.

Ricky Gomez says:

If the player gets less than 100, the score will add 1 digits at the end. example if he gets 45, the score will set to 450

add blank costume at the 3rd score #.
if score < 0 set costume to blank else set cos to #

Tabwewa Motiua says:


김민상 says:


Flipflop says:

thanks i had to make a project for my i.t class and this helped thanks

Leslie Cobbold says:

hi, can you help me with how to clone and grow the snake

Smko Kakai says:

Is it possible to programe the snake so if he goes throug the the left wall he comes out from the right? If so can u tell me how?

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