Scratch – Tutorial 04 – Create a Race Game in Ten Minutes

In this tutorial we will go through the entire process needed in order to create your very first Race game! Have fun!

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Tommy Vercetti says:

Now i know how to use Turbo boost when i hit blue ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

AgarbloxYT says:

nvm u go threw the black how to fix thisnproblem?

dhefaf thejeel says:

thank you so match
im know the best game maker in class

missy kitty says:

my car won’t turn, i have tried at least 4 variations of this code but it still doesn’t move right. can anyone help me?

Courrupt says:

666:666 LOL SO FUNNY!

S Gra says:

Realy good video. Nice paste also. Nice work!

GN10Gaming - And more! says:

Thanks! It worked 🙂

AgarbloxYT says:

thanks for the game my first game i made without accidently presseding delete lol thx i get it now but can u make a vid for this to make power ups also somtimes hurt you? like maybe super fast or crashing auto

RangerGames NL says:

good video!

Raja Bissessar says:

thanks so much man!

Psyfoe says:

why would u crash if ugo on grass?!

Sarah Esser says:

It worked then stopped working

Magnum says:

Thank you dude! You’re awesome 🙂

Jalaluddin Zainalabidin says:

Thanks!!! 🙂 Very Helpfull ! 🙂 Keep It Up!

sikandar ali javed says:

can you make it two players

John Reynolds says:

Excellent tutorial, helped a lot.

tahmed181 says:

your cool man keep up the good work u legend

FlamablePlushy says:

Can you make a gun game i subscribed

ZEN TANGO Oscar Wright says:

Can you help me….how can I address the participant by name, e.g., “Hi Fred, welcome to the quizz” at the end of the quizz (as well as the begining) i.e., “Fred you finished your first quizz”….

Lil Lolo says:

+Flipped Classroom Tutorials (ICT in Education) Thank you so much! You are one of my favorite Youtubers to watch and +1 subscriber for you!

Lysa Laura says:

THANK YOU! I just joined Scratch and this helped me so much! Please upload more tutorials! <3

NexioN_ suck says:

Thank you very much!

Ellie Russell says:

This was very helpful for my scratch proggraming!

SgtArsekicker PPSH41 says:

im going to kill my self because its so hard to do this scratch stuff

AgarbloxYT says:

hey! you can cheat by going backwards so make another WHITE line behind the back the accual finish and instead of sensing black to win u sense the white (plus black and white is finish line coLOUR xd)

Mr. TNT says:

How do you do that?
That video is the best!

FOECS says:

Can i have some help i couldnt work it out

Lego StopPro says: , i create a joystick on scratch

HeavenlyHammys says:

Doesnt work. All it doe sit spin round, really frustrated!!!!!!!!!

George Gray says:

thanks helped me with my I.T homework

heyitsbruce - bruce says:


Robert Kaduhr says:


Mudit Jhawar says:

Great Tutorial! Thanks a lot.

Hakan Bulut12 says:

do you now the inside of the track is a foot

FlamablePlushy says:

thanks helped alot my friends are probbaly jealouse cause i made this

RIVEN says:

programming for 12 yeahr olds kids

Стримы от Карины says:

How to make a sprite! to shoot without using keys?

x Moop x says:

Awesome! I just started and i finished! i tried it and it was so good!! Al because of u i got 2 do this right and not mess up :D! (Also Its My 1st Time Using Scratch ;3) This Video Helped A Lot For Me To Understand The Codes In Scratch! My 1st Game I’ve Ever Made!! SO HAPPY 😀

Euclydes Figueiredo says:

Thank you so much! Great and clear tutorial.

Sir Jeffrey says:

When I first heard of Scratch I thought it was only for arduino. (For people who don’t know what arduino is it is a physical module or a electronic.) Also thanks for helping I didn’t have that much knowledge on how to do this. I have also heard of another good website but was boring which is use scratch its better and has a very wide range of what you can do. was very small. This is my game…

dhefaf thejeel says:

This helped me alot please make more i wish i can doble like this

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