Scratch Tutorial 3: Quiz Game

In this tutorial we will learn about asking questions, broadcasting messages, and switching backgrounds as we make a trivia game.
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Ishaan Shrimali says:

Nice Video

Seriousgaming 2109 says:

thanks u help me a lot

SP says:


sparcky gamer says:

wow that is so cool!

Alex Turner says:

can U Do More Scratch Projects

Diamond Crab says:


Jude Parker says:

You should give a point for each time you get a question right.

Avisha Vasnani says:


Crazyshotty4 says:

it worked when you did until done because it plays the entire sound file and not just the very first tick which is usually silence

Reflux tv says:

are you a techer or no

Matrix 2006 says:

Hi guys, who wants to play my game

Mia Bonilla says:


Povesti Pentru Copii says:

No I see how Ubisoft makes their games

Waterwizard3214 1 says:

For the first part where the monkey says your name, I would use ‘join “Hello ” Answer’

TheGamingTaco0511 says:

this video was very useful

Emmett martens says:

mine keeps saying incorrect for each of the choices and one is right.
b is right but it keeps saying inccorect everytime. i tried everything.

Booquefius says:

This video is so helpful thanks so much

ProMinecrafter123 AJ says:

you crashed my scratch >:(

Paradise Parrot says:

Thank You Alot For These Tutorials! I was about to fail my Scratch contest in school and this helped me soo much! Thx M8

Technical Help says:

i want to make a pokemon quiz if the answer is correct than a pokeball catches the pokemon in this the pokemon and pokeball are two object how to move that

Albin Lagerkvist says:

I follow this exactly and blocks look 100% like yours. However when i answer the 2nd question nothing happens. Any way i can solve this?

CinnamonToast {ċt sզʊaɖ} says:

Hi Kevin In Scratch In stead of separating the answer from the reply you can use the join [hello] [world] block in operaters and change the world to

CinnamonToast {ċt sզʊaɖ} says:

Hi Kevin In Scratch In stead of separating the answer from the reply you can use the join [hello] [world] and change the world to

William Tang says:

Anyone using the Linux version of Scratch (Scratch 1.4 of May 2 2016), the one preinstalled with Raspberry Pi’s Raspian OS? I couldn’t find the Switch Backdrop tool in the Looks section.

The Hou Ba says:

i think my math game is one of the best math games on scratch not wanting to be mean but maybe you could use the join on opperations to not make it one word each sentence. also i havent shared mine

quickhitbros says:

This helped i guess

mad cat famaly!! says:

is the game on the scratch

Richard Lee says:

Love the video it really helps me

GhostGamer says:

Hi good video but you could’ve just put Say join: Hello, Answer that makes it even better!

Anibal Rehe says:

aburrido el vídeo

TaffyYWA says:

i see the second question disconnected from the first… if i had multiple questions, how would it know where to go?

ZEN TANGO Oscar Wright says:

Hi Kevin, thanks alot…after days of trying to understand certain functions through the course web sit and having no success, through you I finally understood…THANKS A MILLION !!!

Ki Wando says:

Nice video It Helped so much!

Classic Sundays says:

it is a moonky

Alanna Murray says:

please help keep having problem where no matter what answer i type in it says u are incorrect sorry please help i would be so great full!! 🙂

Alanna Murray says:

and backgrounds dont switch

ProMinecrafter123 AJ says:

you crashed my scratch >:(

Kingvilter says:


Sasha Gower says:

why not let them say trendon? aswell you cam use the or block inside the if<>eles block

Will Gregg says:

I wanted to make a state Capitol game

Xander Shelton says:

I really this video!

Jecht Alfonso says:

There’s this glitch where I get the right answer then it just goes to else block.

Benő Tézsé says:

good video! you helped me in the school!:)

Liam Cunningham says:

for some reason it is not working for me ;~;

Liam Cunningham says:

ay it works now! thanks you are so helpful!!

tayman24 says:

i was forced to watch this shit for class it is so useless

Liron Perlmutter says:

Thank you for this video. How can I change the order of the questions so that each time a student starts a new game the order of questions will appear in a random order?

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