Scratch Tutorial | 3D Whale Effect

Scratch Tutorial | 3D Whale Effect

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Douglas Pantz says:

(Insert Awful Joke To Get Pinned Here)

Priti Gupta says:

Please make a tutorial on how to make a “Lag” detector in any project. I have seen many of Griffpatch’s projects show a “Lag detected. Press ‘L’ “ message and helps to balance the game.

Azurin says:


Leo says:

I mean I can understand how can i do this 😀 (THANK YOU)

Leif Gantert says:


Trickzter Animations says:

i used this effect for a thicc bear

Harriet Mugambe says:

Nice tutorial 🙂 can you make a tutorial on wall jump physics for platforms next

Jay Exterkate says:

Error 404: no face found

Xx Fodicon xX says:


Buzzy_ Beetle says:

This is great my dude, saved my life.

Yosr gaming says:

nice video
i want a tutofor the Effect

Šonjo Show says:


Jeroeno_Boy says:

hi hi

Jay Exterkate says:

staring at the whale as you move your mouse everywhere is F A S C I N A T I N G

Tateboogle says:

Make a frame by frame animation tutorial (if you have not)

Hiddel says:

Ow the whale is very dangerous

Jaydonbocco says:


Kubalo says:

wtf i got banned from ur discord idk why

Tanner Minecraft says:


The Jamasans007 says:


김민상 says:


TheRetroBoy says:

I like these illusions, they’re cool.

Cheeky Kun says:

Is it possible to make the “3D” whale or another “3D” object animated (such as having a character blink, walk, run, jump, etc.)?

NotTheBestGaming says:

This could have potential for train physics. I am not 100% sure.

FigPops says:

Nice video

TryH4RD says:



Looks awesome

উৎপল চক্রবর্ত্তী says:

2nd… :p

vangi filiaga says:

what app is that

Gentian Kurreta says:

One word COOL¡

Wolfang_858 says:

Sniper and scope tutorial!!!

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