Scratch Tutorial 6: Shooting Game

Learn how to use the mouse, implement cloud variables, and make your other variables more attractive as we make a point-and-click shooting game.

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Song Gao says:

you suck

GamerCreep80 says:

you can use the “duplicate” tool (the stamp) to copy a sprite and its scripts

Cool Kerem says:

Awesome it works!!!

Richard C says:


shilpi singh says:

Dont have the cloud thing

bobross 23 says:

I got all the code but it didn’t work the bug just moved to on side and stayed there. Can anyone help fix it?

Zheng Li says:

You said ” to catch the butterfly ” instead of ” to shoot the beetle

Daiden Pritchard says:


Sarah Newton says:

u are best gamer ever

Zombie Society says:


Shreyas Patil says:

Thanks a lot Kevin.All your projects are awesome. I have learnt many new things that I have not used in scratch. All your projects work. Thank You!!!!!

Physical 1 says:

Congratulations! 14k subscribers, im new here

Qiqi Zhu says:

it is hard

Ishmam Muhammad says:


Yuri Ribeiro says:


Zeejin Ganabal says:

i just copy a score hehehe…..

Nancy Carr says:

how do you add animation that you made for the sprite? Can you add hands holding a gun/powers?

Tiana Lambert says:

w ydo8d

Rastko V says:


4our ii says:

I was going to say that not idiot though

The Adrenaline says:

your videos are so long

Dean Eatwell says:

its not moving


It is a bit funny when I can’t draw a outlined ⭕️.

李若谷 says:

Sprite1 will went to the left of my mouse pointer

Rocco Serio says:

Awesome vid!

redx says:

When I was testing the score it would go up by 10s. Is it a bug? If so how do I fix it?

Dude 47 says:

When the fly reached the right side the game didn’t stop why isn’t it working?! I need answers?

QuickAttacks says:

I had an idea for a “rubber banding” system. Make a variable for a score. Have a message broadcasted every time you hit a Beetle, make a variable number for a starting spawn time. Do you remember the message? When it receives the message, subtract spawn time by score. Plug the spawn time into a wait counter. This means that every time you hit a Beetle. It spawns quicker.

Zombie Society says:


Leonidas Xuan Nguyen Coleman-Harrell says:

Thanks a lot Kevin.All your projects are awesome. I have learnt many new things that I have not used in scratch. All your projects work. Thank You!!!!!

Lizzy Zinn says:

So I’m making a project based on the one from Kevin578

But unlike his, mine won’t end when it passes through the edge without being shot here is the link to mine please help

I have tried putting physical barriers ( like lines) and saying if side(that’s the side that the alien enters on)= side 1 if its the barrier on the right, or side 2 if its the barrier on the left, and touching alien, then broadcast end. My variable for side only applied to my alien so I tried making one called side2 that applies to all sprites. neither of these methods worked.

Eddie Lacsa says:

Score is 12

Itz Piano says:

I use the go to mouse block

Minito200 says:


Fahad Alradhwan says:

11:55 that laugh doe

Benedict Barns says:

what about the speed

Godly x Grave says:

You are my favorite scratch youtuber u have tought me everything i have watched all ur videos up to this one

Plotanito2005 / Unexpected Journeys says:

We tried our game of this and the spaceship hit the starfish, but I have a lot of problems, they didn’t do what the scripts are supposed to do.

Chuong Thaidoan says:

i love it

Cathy Kaufmann says:

Thanks! My son needed it!

B W says:

Is he clicking it each time at the 9 min mark to make it repeat until it hits the ball, or should the bug be automatically repeating side 1/2 until it hits the ball?

Graystripe02 says:

I have a glitch or error in coding where my cockroach gets stuck at the bottom of the screen, or when I am supposed to lose when he gets to the edge, he just gets stuck there, and all I have to do is shoot him and the game just continues. What should I do?

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