Scratch Tutorial 8: Fruit Ninja

Learn to how to incorporate a webcam into your programs as we make a physical version of this fun game.
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MrNasa says:

Face Reveal

Kuzey MAZI says:

How come you have a cap on.

Beatriz Maria Mendez says:

Congrats for this project, it’s excellent, if the computer doesn’t have a webcam, how can I adapt this to my class?, Just deleting the blocks that enable it and using the pencil block?

EaZea says:

Just use java script omfg it’s so much easier

manahil roblox and more says:

So cool!

naytik bansal says:

when i press space then a fruit comes up weird?

new player moksh says:

but please make short videos

Zombie Society says:

And now its only sometimes working

Vijayalakshmi Jayaprakash says:

me also same information devlopment

Muth 108 says:

How come when I press the space key, there’s only one fruit, when, for me, there is multiple fruits?

AshcraftswAg says:

I have a coding contest I hope this works and I’m the coder in the after school activity

Gangmin Kim says:

This is the best game ever!

ifine Nickna says:


Jake Kimberley says:

The size of the project is different!

Audrey Scott says:


Peanutgaming says:

Took me 13 hours to make it, almost got a seizure, went to the hospital, but it was SO WORTH IT!

Thie_ Wie says:


Bao Khanh Le says:

Lanch pick or launch pick

retard niger says:

this tutorial is garbage

new player moksh says:

you are great

Quality Blue says:

i loved your game

Joseph Francovich says:


Yassir Belmkdm says:

This video is great

retard niger says:

no one wants to see your fucking face in a scratch tutorial

WeDo Challenges says:

why do we need the velocity and launch pick

Zorohh says:

this is fucking cringe

SandyRocks says:

can we publish this game on our website ? and mobile apps ?

retard niger says:

kys useless teachers who use this

Varun Shah says:

when that video camera thing the allow and denny dosn’t come

Zombie Society says:

Why is mine flying off screen

GHOST YT says:

at the start of the vidio it says “use hands”????????? but its a pc how lel touch screen?

Hiếu Nguyễn Ngọc MInh says:

What about using keyboard as a touch screen to play it

Thakery lol says:

how do you record on scratch

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