Scratch Tutorial | Collision Trick With Platformer!

Scratch Tutorial | Collision Trick With Platformer!

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Pro Odermonicon says:

Also your platformer script uses the touching block even more than this method.

Azurin says:

T H I C C Line

Cubus32 says:

I was going to scroll down here and write something about how you should not use it because of the repeat loop. When all the sudden funut says “ill not use it because the “touching ground” ” Which is quite dumb because you can replace that by anything you want… just replace it with what you normally use, tho the repeat loop will lag your game and make it run slower. which you cant remove

Aloysius Cabral says:

In Part 4, how did you change the Level Sprites?

Kingus Tarano says:

Yahh boyyyyy !!

Pipin06 says:

You can also put a repeat block that will change y by -1 speed y times.

EHOED says:

Can you stop blowing in your mic when you say ”p”

Adrenalineal says:

ohooohh wow

LOL LOL says:

UMMM… There’s a bug : The sprite can go THROUGH the ground !!!

vladimir blomerus says:

can you do a part 5 on the pathfinding where you show how to make a pathfinding with the parts

hemligheten om youtubers says:

nice video

-Roblox_&_That's it!- says:


SpawnEgg200 says:

can you make a tutorial on how to detect how far or close a sprite is from another sprite because im making a platformer with enemies and they shoot ninja stars.

Monoversel Gaming says:

Great vid very helpful

Captain3pic 2008 says:

149th viewer

Ender X 360 says:

I just prefer to keep my platforms THICK..

Pro Odermonicon says:

The counter is useless.

Tateboogle says:

i almoist thought you stopped uploading at 2 am

Scratch Tutorials says:

Make sure to stay thicc

858master says:

It is probably more efficient to have some kind of equation; it will calculate collisions perfectly (because MATH) and is only changing a few variables (assuming the collision is done manually). I might give it a shot =) (@MetaName)

TheDariusTeam says:

I’m using this so it doesn’t fall through.


Can you show how to raycast pls

Kubalo says:

thicc ok

Sonic923team Willi says:

Thank u this will be in my Sonic game

Yosr gaming says:

gerat idea
nice tuto

Chris Watson says:


Hiddel says:

Yo were the facecam at

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