Scratch Tutorial | EASY Platformer | Part 1 | Movement Script

Today we start a Scratch Platformer Tutorial Series
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M.A.D. Red says:

hey can you help me remix my game

sondre tveit says:

I honestly have to thank you so much. I have begun on a pretty big AdventurePlatformer project. I have tried out many tutorials and scripts but they all had glitches and bugs. This has BY FAR been the most helpfull one. Thank you.

TepigGaming YT says:

Can you please shoutout my friends channel SardinGamez great channel subscribe to him thanks <3

Steve LuBron says:

please help I tried this and I couldn’t jump I would Like some help please repley

Jane Doe says:

I doesn’t work

BlackX says:


XultroniX says:

How does the ceiling thing work?

Wolfang_858 says:

Hey! I’ve always wanted to make a platformer with a stickman! I haven’t watched it yet but i’m excited to see whats in store!

Wolfang_858 says:

Nope dont worry I think i got it!!! XD

TepigGaming YT says:


Leland Cortez says:

This is very helpful!

Hunter Stillwell says:

If the hitbox falls from to high it sticks in the ground. Ideas of what i did??

Anastassia Nest says:

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet i did it yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

Wolfang_858 says:

Ummm mine kinda went seriously wrong…. When I hit the green flag, my hitbox goes to this crazy number! What I mean is that when I check the go to bar.. it says like 153471253r4612r46731251426
Or something like that… Could you help me out???

RedSheep10 says:

This is a very good tutorial. it helped me.

Wolfang_858 says:

About to start!!!!!!!

Gaming With Dondoom says:

liar…. this is super hardddd

20514_신동민 says:

WOW! Always needed one of these! Do you mind if I use with credit? 😀


fuck u bitch i wasted hours and it doesnt works i cri

izzocxx izzocx says:

when i move i fall from the sky

Master An8mator says:

when i touch sloop my player disappear

BreadFish says:

Hey man, great tutorial! However I’m having an issue where the player is clipping through the floor! Is it okay if you take a look?

Sideswipe says:

Blow your nose?

Fixed says:

Nice! That platforming Script it’s better than mine haha. I noticed you wrote a mistake in the title, it says “Movment” and i guess it’s “Movement”, also another mistake in the description, it says “Plat Former” instead of “Platformer”. The last thing i noticed was that you added a number input called “gravity” in the custom block but you didn’t added it to the “Change Y velocity by -1” block 😛

Rohan Kyada says:

Hi, I really liked the tutorial but am having some problems. When I run the program, the hitbox is slowly moving right and shaking through the floor. It also will not allow me to jump. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

Matteo Ingrassia says:


SpaQue GD says:

U Love you way too much

The Bloxy Beast says:

Thanks this tutorial really helped me to make a platform game and u also help me to understand the code! Brilliant!

Ethan Oyston says:

im so sad i wasted my time

Wolfang_858 says:

But I thought that I got it all right?????

Master An8mator says:

i am still go through sloop

Ethan Prunier says:

My Character keeps on going into the ground can you help me?

Brian Murray says:


Siddhanth Sastry Pappu says:

It doesnt work for me please can u help??

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