Scratch Tutorial | How TO CRASH THE BROWSER With an EVIL SCRIPT!

Scratch Tutorial | How TO CRASH THE BROWSER With an EVIL SCRIPT!

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SmartScratch says:

If you want to see what happens when you do that, go and check my channel!
here is the url if you need it:

Bulgarian CountryBall says:


Nehemiah Britt says:

Yay! First comment! And I’m so early that no one has liked or viewed yet!

William Laurent says:

First Like Boys:P

Yosr gaming says:

5 likes with 5 accounts

Rafael says:

Can you reply my email pls.
I urguntly need help for my scratchx

Super Sir Bird says:

ads ads ads… by the way a faster way is to: create list “thing” and add (thing) to [thing]

Zombieninjawarrior says:

I was about to say it did not work but then I went back and is said shockwave flash is not working… oh no. *Scratch’s Server explodes*

Devil Minty says:

You should add a disclaimer that you can get an alert if you share a project that abuses the player into crashing. I already knew this script but still a great video. Also I do forever create clone on the green flag instead of just create clone.

billioninjoe the ninja says:


ZeroGalaxyGamingYT says:

hey, I got an amazing idea for the chance someone copied a project. think of this like one of those things that game devs put in to prevent illegal copies of a game. if they backpack every sprite and script, you can use a list with an item with no code to add another item to the list. why? if you copy a script that has no instructions to add an item into a list, scratch has to make a list sense the list does not exist. then, you can have scratch detect that a certain item is not in the list, and then run the evil crash script. ok bye my fingers are tired

ShainyX [SHG] says:

The music is more dramatic than a horror movie

Scratch Tutorials says:


-Roblox_&_That's it!- says:


Douglas Pantz says:

Not First

NotTheBestGaming says:

Could you make a tutorial on how to ban someone?

Just for research purposes…

Zombieninjawarrior says:

If you do this on this on the offline version you get a not responding and and it does the “Do you want to end the program?” stuff.

Kate Stephens says:

Nice video,really love your content

Tech Game Web says:

I have a few questions because I am your fan
1 if you can use your guides for your own projects
2 will there still be a 3d engine series because I’m on the second guide
3 how do you make such great guides

Jayden Troy Stevens says:

Im going to use this to troll ppl with a new game

Tornado Chasing says:

Well you cannot share that project or you will get in trouble!

An anonymous little boy says:


Douglas Pantz says:

Can You Make A 3D Engine Part Five, On Filling In The Wireframe?

Joyce Little says:

I’m not going to use it…

Zombieninjawarrior says:

I will save it as a flash file and see what happens!
It crashes flash too!

김민상 says:


Yosr gaming says:

very good
nice tuto

FigPops says:

Good video

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