Scratch Tutorial | How to do ROPE PHYSICS (Method 1)

Scratch Tutorial | How to do ROPE PHYSICS (Method 1)

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Joe Christo says:

Will you do method 2, an easier method?

Leif Gantert says:

Love your tutorials #whydon’tyouhave1milsubs?youdeserve1milsubs:D

MrMrMister eee says:



First person shooter pls

SuperPikachu the pro says:

Can you continue making fix your game sieries? I loved the first episode

Nathan Krehbiel says:

Help! the nodes move to the walls every time they get anywhere near them

Ninotchka Designs says:

Dude, your vids are amazing!

kokke 3000 says:

Could I Make a ragdoll character out of it? If I cant could you Make a tutorial how to Make ragdoll character

Joe Christo says:

How to make a clone number variable
When clone starts
Change (clone number) by (1)
If (clone number) = (the number the clone was made)
then do what that clone
Stop (this script)
and repeat the if process for other clones

Pipin06 says:

Wow, I didn’t know it was that easy!

L'homme Vert says:

This is not really a rope because of the distance between point which change :/

Ender X 360 says:

This is so helpfull, thank you so much

Luigi Playz says:


Pro Odermonicon says:

I made a full on physics game!

Jan Lawniczak says:

hey! do you want to see my new project? It’s pretty cool, so YOU ARE GONNA LOVE IT!

Wincentus Roblox says:

Make a tutorial on how to make a ping counter 😀

Jay Exterkate says:

Make a video of how to make a sprite go to another sprite with a delay. One sprite goes to where another sprite was exactly 1 second ago.

billioninjoe the ninja says:

Cant i make this in one sprite using clones?

Azurin says:

Can you do it with clones, not with individual sprites?

Son- Gohan says:

with me that does not look like this 🙁

Scratch Tutorials says:

Early Video!

JP Animations says:


-Roblox_&_That's it!- says:


XultroniX says:

First, here before Discord tag

Harry says:

> Stiffness
Maybe a better word would be restraint?

김민상 says:


Hiddel says:

Howdy fellas!

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