Scratch Tutorial: How to Make a RPG/Adventure Game (Part 1)

In this Scratch tutorial, I will show you how to make an RPG/adventure game. This covers the basics of player movement and collision detection, and I also explain about layering. The game I showed at the beginning was a sneak peak of what I was working on 🙂


My Scratch profile:

Outro music (I only used part of it):


Victor Yt says:

your so good such wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fabiano Cerchiari says:

why do you need that black square anyway . I’m at 5:22

Ace Kyle says:

how did u just u made the house like pop up ???????

CrazyKittenX Idk says:


CrazyKittenX Idk says:

I’m stuck at the house when I go near it

Luke Dailey says:

Great Vid Great HElp For My FNAF RPG

lpswhitewolf lover says:

How do you make the person go in the house

CrazyKittenX Idk says:

House part lie

CrazyKittenX Idk says:


Kibz says:

mine went the whole way of the roof ;-;

CrazyKittenX Idk says:

By the way this channel is horrible

jackaboy_gaming says:

when I ant my character to go in front of he hit box it still stays behind it for some reason…. Is anyone else having that issue?

earthmetal101 H says:

I say my friend watching this in class and wondered what it was. Found it.

Parker Tan says:

You are very talented!!

slender dipsy says:

the box looks so cute XP

stik bot# says:

what are you called in scratch?

ZShadow says:

help my character will still go through the wall how do i fix it?

jackaboy_gaming says:

instead of having the character go in front of the hit box I just do When flag is clicked then the hit box sprite gets hidden.

Cosmic SAVI says:

you can copy the codes by presing left click on your moice

Brandon Bone says:

Mine won’t stop at the house

Sabian Holladay says:

hey I need help my caricter is going up the house and not stop so plz help

Connor Ingram says:


Raymond Ngo says:

Thank you sooooo much!

Jess Cao says:

Dude, seriously you’re amazing, this helped me a ton on my school project, subcribed!

CrazyKittenX Idk says:

Now I spent fucking 50 minutes on your shit THANKS ALOT IDIOT

Samuel Plays says:

How to download scratch?

CrazyKittenX Idk says:

Worst ever

Chanetta Cooper says:

this is so anoying

ENDERkid2003 says:

thanks btw if anyone wants to know im making a retro city rampage like game
il link page somewhere in comment

Gastly Gamer says:

if you dont want 2 have that 4ever loop for da house then you can use, if then
go to front

Minecraft&Growtopia Player says:

Well, still using Scratch 1.4 it isn’t that hard but I feel like Scratch 2 is better. I hope to get an update.


you and you “if else statements” i love it

Cosmin Metea says:

what you COULD have done is separate the left/right movement from the up/down so that you can move 8-way instead of 4-way.

Bluelightning 75 says:

This is awesome!

WyGuy 456 says:

Warframe you work real magick

adam baumunk says:

wow. You earned a subscriber!

Muhammad Amin says:


pastelsmiles says:

Thanks for everything really well done

UnicornSing says:

I’m Zoekni on scratch.

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